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03-27-2005, 07:42 AM
Water color was more reminiscent of carp waters than trout habitat. Nevertheless, midge larvae fished deep produced - but all the fish I caught had severely deformed mouths, most likely from numerous hooks. One poor thing had a fused lower jaw - I couldn't open or close it without risking a break. I really felt some of these 'warhorses' would be best euthanized. Also, on the flats above T-Hole I saw several fish with a whitish growth. I caught one, and it seemed like a kind of a fungus. Would anybody know what this is all about? Could it be due to too much handling? It seemed unappetizing, to say the least. In the afternoon a few fish started taking emergers, but I couldn't tempt them with anything I had. Towards dusk there was a hatch of small dark mayflies, but again, I was outwitted, as they rose to within 6" of my #20 parachute adams.
I was rather disturbed by the poor condition of the fish I landed. They all seemed thin and in very poor physical shape, to say nothing of the head disfigurements. Where are the football rainbows the San Juan was famous for?
By the way, we stopped by the Duranglers store and found them disassembling the last shelves in the building. Their San Juan store is closing. :mad:

John Desjardins
03-27-2005, 11:05 AM
Josko, I have seen that whitish patch on fish in the north east as well. The most believable explanation I've heard for it was that it is a fungus caused by dry hands on a fisherman wiping off the protective slime on the fish.

03-27-2005, 08:34 PM
Good evening,
I have also noticed this "Whitish Patch" on spawning trout species here in the N.W. The fish I observed were comming through areas of water with high levels of treated sewage water. Thought that that might have an effect. Then I did some research.This problem could be caused by a number of different scenerios. These could be larger Ectoparasites, Leeches, or possibly Anchor Worms. A close examination would reveal these pests. What are known as "Cotton Wool" patches on the skin could be a Saprolegnia (sap-ro-leg-nia) infection, or Columnaris infection, both are fungal in nature.
It could be a Lymphocystis infection. This is a common viral infection in fresh water species worldwide. The first of these infections was documented by J. Lowe in 1874.
White skin patches are common among hatchery fish. Trout skin is sensitive to high levels of Sodium in the water, which may lower the fishes tollerance to microbial invasions. Sorry to hear that the San Juan is having dificulties.
A recent report (March 5-21) said that lower level run-off from record snows as well as recent "extra water" run outs from dams have the water level at 2000 cfs (3 times normal for this time of year) and 3 degrees colder. This to might have had an effect on how fish were biting (or not biting) Sorry you had a bad trip Josko :confused:


03-28-2005, 04:49 PM
Forget the San Juan fish the Missouri in Montana one of the best tailwater rivers in the country. However, it's getting a little crowded now.
FishHawk :smokin:

Brian Simonseth
03-28-2005, 06:52 PM
I have a friend down there right now (NM) fishing, can't wait to hear from him tomorow. He might even pop in here and talk about it