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: 1st fish of 2005 was . . .

03-26-2005, 05:39 PM
a carp :D .

Went back to the carp spot on the Housy this afternoon. Didn't seen anything for a while, probably because a canoe came through and spooked them all out just as I got there. After a while I saw one, then a dozen, then dozens of little carp cruising into the shallows. They didn't seem to be eating for a while, then a few started to grub around for food. I finally put a fly in front of some feeding fish without spooking them. One of them made a slight change of direction and twisted its body a bit in the area where the fly was, so I took a chance and tightened the line and hooked up with a sluggish little 4 pounder :cool: . The fly was a small dumbell-eyed nymph that I tied this morning (PT tail & legs, dark olive dubbed body and turkey quill wing case).