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: Rainbows in the Lower Sac

03-22-2005, 01:46 PM
Hi all,

Given all the rotten weather I have been hearing about around the country, I thought a story about some great fishing might lift some spirits. I had the opportunity to float the Lower Sacramento river (from Redding to Anderson) last Thursday with Chris Parsons of The Fly Shop. Weather a little overcast and cool (about 60 degrees). What an excellent time! 25+ hookups with 20+ fish landed! All from 13-17", all game fighters, all released and happy.

For those of you unfamiliar with this fishery, the Sacramento flows out of Shasta Lake and has temperatures regulated by a vent that keeps cold water flowing even when the sun is broiling the upper Sacramento valley. Last summer, I did a half day float in 100+ degree temps (at the start, it cooled to the eighties) and landed over 20 fish! It is a wonderful and consistent fishery for rainbows all year and steelhead when the salmon are running.

I keep wondering why I would want to spend a lot of money to go elsewhere! You can get wonderful guides and river info at The Fly Shop or contact Chris at his website (www.bethefly.com). I know this sounds like a commerical, but I am just an enthusiastic newcomer who has been delighted by great fishing so close to my home in Sacramento! I hope some of you decide to make the trip! I attached a low resolution photo of a typical Sac River rainbow...enjoy!