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: The Essential Angler - Food and Water

03-22-2005, 12:45 AM
Keeping up with the Food thing while you are on your fishing adventure is pretty easy these days....If you think ahead a bit. Freeze Dried foods are readily available and inexpensive. They have a long shelf life and usually require only water to prepare. In my truck at all times is a generous 3 day supply of food for 4, including water. With my truck as a "base camp", I could live up to 2 weeks by myself if an emergency occasion arose. A short list includes;
Freeze Dried Soups and Stews
Canned/Packeged Meats and Fish
Dried Jerky (Beef)
Crackers (Salted) good source of sodium
Dried Fruits and Nuts (Trailmix, heavy on the Fruit)
Nutrition/Power Bars
2 Gallons drinking Water
Backpack Stove, Cook Set, Utensils and 2 fuel canisters
Its a good idea to follow as close a normal eating schedule as possible. Easily prepared foods can be far less stressfull, nourishing, and tasty for persons in extreme conditions or nursing injurys. Always try new equipment at home before you ad it to your set-up. It's a drag trying to figure out how the stove works when the wind is gusting to 30 and the rain is comming at you sideways!

I choose "1 Pot Meals" for ease of preperation. Warm liquids are the best way to restore and retain "Core" body heat! I keep these and a few personal favorites in a covered plastic container behind the front seat. 4 times a year, as the seasons change, I check and replace any parts of the stash that are needed, and the water is recycled.
There are about 100 edible plants out there as well, some of these include;
Nettles and Thistles
Beech Leaves
Violet Leaves
Pine Needles
Wood Sorrel
A short course on identification could help you down the road, but all of these things require a little lead time (thinking ahead)
Note: Fish and Crustacians are also a good source of food, in an emergency!

Lets not forget, you can get sick from improperly stored or prepared food, or unclean working conditions! Here's some tips;
Wash your hands
Keep perishables on ice!
Keep freeze dry's in a cool, dry spot
Do Not share utensils, cups etc
Avoid leftovers
Clean and dry your cooking and eating stuff

4 things right off;
Bacteria, Protozoa, Viruses, Chemicals.
So your up in the mountains, 3500 ft., cobalt blue sky, trip of a lifetime. You come across a crystal clear feeder just below the spring snowpack. You stop and kneel down, cupping the ice cold water in your hands. You think "It just dosen't get any better than this"! Bringing your hands up to your mouth.......Do you drink?
Because even the cleanest "looking" water can cause big problems!

I have one. Cost, around $100.- But I spend alot of time in remote areas, so for me it is esential. Filters alone do not do the trick, they need to be used in concert with purification tablets or some other method of clensing. Iodine is still effective, so is boiling. If your trips are ones that never have you more than 1/4 mile from a base camp or vehicle, I would say you do not need a filter, water from home will surfice. But do not hit the trail or venture up the stream without water for your personal hydration needs!

Tuesday I will talk about Shelter and Navigation, then Communication and Signaling