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: New England trout in first gear

03-26-2000, 12:31 PM
<b>New England Trout Report</b>
<font size="1">March 26, 2000</font><!--1-->

Although water temps are still a little cool, each morning on Boston metro (west) region's ponds have shown lots of trout rising with repeats in the evening. Of the fly guys I spoke with, those working bead head buggers deep and slow were doing best at this time. The gnats were hatching in droves on the lee / sunny shores but on the cool sides of the stillwater ponds like Walden and Whites the bug activity was subdued. Those trolling conventional or working shiners deep had very good luck.

Cape and south shore ponds have been doing well for weeks, in fact guys like Tony Stetzko have been hitting fish right through the winter. My favorite ponds "on cape" are those with herring runs, which puts a big shot of protein into the gamefish population.

Nissitissit and Squanacook are running with good volumes at this time, a little warmup would get things really moving. I hope to be testing the waters for a bit today, a report will follow. I'll be working a beadhead stone on a dropper from a stimulator or trude as an indicator (thanks BobD!).

In addition to the brood salmon opportunities on the Upper Merrimac (Franklin NH area) the trout they stock in that scenic stretch are large and I've mistaken them for smaller salmon last year. This is not to mention the smallmouth in the river. For salmon, the trick is to fish it when the water is running at a moderate to low flow, while not being too warm. This weekend would be ideal as would the next.

Please post related trout reports - these will be valuable to search later on, perhaps next year...


03-26-2000, 12:46 PM
C/R two nice Rainbow's at Hamblin's Pond this morning it was great, I was the only one there.
What a fantastic morning on Cape Cod.

03-26-2000, 08:38 PM
I know they are only stocked fish but a tug on the line still sure felt great. I C&R'd 4 browns and a bow late this morning in the Nissi. Best a 15" brown. And a bonus I ran into an old fishing buddy.

03-28-2000, 06:03 AM

Went out prospecting on Friday. Nothing but a pretty brook at the first stop. High water during a big rain event changed the channel and probably put a hurtin on the fish population. The debris that was in the woods was amazing. Anyway, it was cool to scope out a different place. I am using Tom Fuller's book as a guide to local streams (western MA)that I have overlooked. There were good numbers of tan stoneflies present - so back to the vice for a bunch of small stimulators. I've always stayed away from tying dry flies, especially the smaller ones. But I got some Whiting saddles and they are a pleasure to use. Makes the process of tying a dry fly a joy and increases my speed and quality. BTW - Bob I haven't forgotten you - I'm actually looking for the last box of tying materials for the blue zonker strips. I've moved about 5 times in 2.5 yrs, so....

Anyway, went to my favorite spot and caught a lovely 8-9" brookie on a Wulff pattern. The fish was a little washed out, but it was a little wild guy. Had to get back home before the wife got home from work

Saturday I went out for a very short while to poke around. No fish, but again was exploring unknown sections - and they proved to be lacking a lot of cover and were pretty shallow.