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: Ecuador, trout streams...

03-23-2000, 09:40 AM
Hi Juro and Co,

A friend of mine is in Ecuador at the moment. He is doing a bit of work in a research station in high montane/cloud rain forest.
He was telling me about streams which harbour trout;
"It seems there are trout in there, and i did a quick sample of the rocks and found some mayfly, stonefly, and some things that resemble caddis fly casings. The most prevalent species is something that resembles a hydroid, but has a characteristic flip-flop movement (head over heals motion)."
You heard it hear first, folks.
He has been given first bite at the cherry in terms of studying these streams. Or rather he believes that is the case. He is having difficulty gettng books/papers at his presnt location. I am e-mailing him as much as I can, I was just wondering if anyone of you well travelled, eclectic types might have something useful to say, any information or any advice. Have any of you flicked a fly in Ecuador?
I have discovered(in a book) that there are over 2000 sp. of freshwater fish in Ecuador. The rainbow was introduced, not sure where or when, but as he is not too far from Quito it is most likely that the trouty things he saw were rainbows.
In return for help etc. if anyone has questions for Gearoid, post them to the board and I will forward them to him...
PS poor ole Gerry never packed a rod...

03-23-2000, 02:51 PM
Mylo -

How fascinating... perhaps we should send him a ROD! Is it possible... I will do it!

I hope he is taking many pictures, I'd love to see images of the Ecuadorian rain forest streams and mountains.

Above link from, Ecuador Information Website

03-24-2000, 04:12 AM
A rod for Gerry, well I think he'd not kick you out of bed for eating crisps (chips) with an offer like that!
To let you know they pulled his project and have sent him to the coast. He is now in Bilsa reserve, near the Esmereldas....
'The northernmost of the coastal provinces, Esmeraldas is also the lushest, riddled with estuaries, mangroves, and flooded tropical forest. Its wild and remote inland areas, accessible only by canoe, make Esmeraldas the ideal staging ground for an epic river safari. Gliding past frontier towns that suddenly appear out of the dense green tangle of jungle, you will be reminded of scenes from “The African Queen” and “Heart of Darkness.”'
He is now on an aquaculture buzz, not quite Quintessential Trout but there you go. They are interested in low impact rearing of a local fish, chame (sp?), for tucker.

PS he never packed reel nor line neither, the daft bugger, and now he is in the most lushest, richest aquatic habitat ever... But a camera he has so I hope to have something for you all to oogle soon.