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: San Francisco Stripers on the two hander?

03-17-2005, 10:19 AM

I'm in SF and the west coast for 10 days. Want to fish in SF from shore for SOMETHING. Anyone want to fish? Or can you point me to some good areas in San Francisco for salty action?

I'll have my salty two handers if anyone wants to try one. Please PM if you want to fish...I'm buying the sushi.

BTW, I'm here from 17th to 26th.

03-17-2005, 09:17 PM
If you have some transportation get a map and head down the coast (not far) to Pacifica. You want Rockaway beach. Problem is, the big run on the beaches is in June, but there is some good water there and may be some fish if the surf isn't too rough. I'd check ahead regarding that. If you're in the city, head to the bay. On the south side of the Golden Gate bridge there's a good public beach just east of the bridge (first real beach you'll come to). It's between the shoppers circus (fishermans wharf, etc) and the bridge. If memory serves me, it's called China Beach and is a dog beach ( where dogs are allowed to run freely).
If you opt for the surf, take the big guns, if you fish the bay you'll want to go a little lighter and fish intermediate lines and clousers, or fish very deep sinking lines and an anchovy pattern. There are some cruising halibut around, and the spring striper run will just be getting into gear. Could be good!

Please be careful! This is the Pacific, and is unlike the east coast fisheries. Don't wade out as there are rips and things do tend to drop off quickly. If there are other fishermen about pay attention to how they wade and how they watch the surf. We do have rogue waves. Even in the bay there is a serious current ripping through the bridge channel. Cast from the beach, at least at first, and be cautious of the tidal movement. When the tide turns it really hauls ass!

Hope you have fun!!


03-21-2005, 08:40 AM
You are there for prime surf perching...think of these as turbo-charged saltwater bluegill...typically get up to a couple of pounds for the most prevalent barred surf perch out there....smaller on the other species.

Any beach will do....when I lived out there I mostly hit the beaches south of Santa Cruz, which would be a hall for you, but Ocean Beach in SF will produce. If my memory serves me well there is typically a BIG deep hole at the end of Noriega St....usually filled up by the bait guys.

What you are looking for is structure....sandbars....and any rips, either across the beach or offshore. The perch are feeding on mole crabs, so any fly that resembles a mole crab (especially with a tuft of orange resembling the roe) will get bit. I typically fished a dropper rig with a small, bright, crazy charlie as the dropper (resembling small shrimp) and would frequently get doubles.

Typical setup for me was a 6 weight and fast sinking shooting head. These fish will go shallow...right in the wash sometimes, so long casts are not required.

A bit early, but possible to hook up with the schoolie stripers on the beach, and a remote shot at a halibut though a bit early for them too.....most of the big stripers will be heading up the Sacramento and American Rivers for spawning....and slaughtering too.

Good fishing.