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: Catch and Release In an Uncertain World

03-15-2005, 08:20 PM
When all else fails, write a poem....


A ghost in the window of a chastened team
She lay like a thumbprint from a feverish dream
A quivering wet hole hung on a fin
The mete of a river and its homonym

But I at daybreak with hook and feather
Came rubber panting across crackling heather
Home to Lethe in spate on a tear
A solitary hole between the bank of my ears

I strung my bow an enamored blue
A pimp on a leash, I thought of you
A flick of the wrist, a wanton wish
A faith, a flower, a secret dish

But never a rise, not even a show
So crimson was knotted and sent below
Not calling on lust but a fisher’s attempt
To splint the broke ridgepole of love’s broke tent

My rod hand surged and I swear I saw spark
River skin convulsed as a thing rose from the dark
Then within a stab of lonely breath, a fin opposed to thumbs
A gill for a man agasp on a lung in a dumb struck world of tongues

The water unglued and there she hung, a bruise in a dangerous sky
A wet backed beast in a double backed bed in the wink of a lidless eye
A frenzied knot of choate light vamped before me like a flag
A parabolic slab of passion wrung me like a rag

And as it must the rent came due
Ardor's spent, the muddy shoes
Pronged on steel and eyes agog
A portrait of a tadpole my land wrecked frog

So where water seamed the river rocks I dug my gloomy hole
Xeric merman on his knees, the parchment of his soul
See him part the thirsty sand and interrupt the flow
Put and take the busted love, a love he’ll never know

So tell me how a fissureman’s to reckon split division
Between thump of zeal in wicker creel and love’s hallucination
Take care you men who chase your love with rod and reel and hook
A hole in a river, a straw-stuffed heart, a pollywog pressed in a book


Salmon Chaser
03-17-2005, 08:51 AM
Well done lad,,,well done.
"A parabolic slab of passion wrung me like a rag" This I particularly like.
Nice to see a fine poem posted from tome to time.
Thanks for cheering up my morning.
Salmon Chaser

03-17-2005, 09:18 AM
A work of art marketic! Each time I read, it reveals something new just like the pursuit itself.