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: Islander FR2 questions...???

03-14-2005, 02:46 PM
I am considering the FR2 (prefer the added backing capacity over the large arbor LX) for use with my 8wt, for steelhead / salmon and light saltwater (bones / baby tarpon). I hope to be able to use the same reel in Alaska next year for salmon, including Chinook, on a 9 or 10wt. I was just wondering about the drag surface size on this reel and the maximum drag setting. I read in an older issue of Fly Fish America that the max drag tested for the LX3.8 was 4lbs. 2oz. I am assuming that the drag in the LX is about the same as the FR?? The max drag is substantially less than some other reels of the same size that I have used. In addition, the comparable size Tibor, Abel, and Old florida all tested around 12lbs. 4-5lbs is what I have heard the Tibor light back country wide will give you, which is less expensive and lighter weight. Although I probably wouldn’t need any more drag that 4lbs, I would prefer to not have to operate the drag at its maximum setting to get what I need from it. Anyway, is this a pretty accurate number for the FR2?
I have heard nothing but good things about Islander reels, but never really considered them until seeing one in a shop in Virginia while on vacation last week. I hope the FR2 will work for me as it is a beautiful reel that looks like it will last for years.

03-14-2005, 04:32 PM
I hope the FR2 will work for me as it is a beautiful reel that looks like it will last for years.
Islanders last a lifetime, not years. In one of their old brochures they pictured two FR horror stories. One had survived a house fire, the other was salvaged off the ocean floor. Both reels are still in service.

I own the LA 4.0 (the predecessor to the LX series). The reel has withstood hundreds of steelhead, salmon, bones, and tarpon. With line friction, ect. factored in you can stop just about anything with it. Islander's customer service is also second to none. They answer emails faster than some companies can answer a phone.