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: Islander FR2 questions...???

03-14-2005, 02:44 PM
I am considering the FR2 (prefer the added backing capacity over the large arbor LX) for use with my 8wt, for steelhead / salmon and light saltwater (bones / baby tarpon). I hope to be able to use the same reel in Alaska next year for salmon, including Chinook, on a 9 or 10wt. I was just wondering about the drag surface size on this reel and the maximum drag setting. I read in an older issue of Fly Fish America that the max drag tested for the LX3.8 was 4lbs. 2oz. I am assuming that the drag in the LX is about the same as the FR?? The max drag is substantially less than some other reels of the same size that I have used. In addition, the comparable size Tibor, Abel, and Old florida all tested around 12lbs. 4-5lbs is what I have heard the Tibor light back country wide will give you, which is less expensive and lighter weight. Although I probably wouldn’t need any more drag that 4lbs, I would prefer to not have to operate the drag at its maximum setting to get what I need from it. Anyway, is this a pretty accurate number for the FR2?
I have heard nothing but good things about Islander reels, but never really considered them until seeing one in a shop in Virginia while on vacation last week. I hope the FR2 will work for me as it is a beautiful reel that looks like it will last for years.

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03-16-2005, 07:36 AM

I own two FR2s. I have one spooled with 200 +yds of backing and WF8 bonefish taper line, and the second reel has 125yds of backing with a Rio Windcutter 678 on it. The reels are bullet proof and have a smooth drag that will slow down darn near anything!