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03-13-2005, 12:38 PM
It was cold as I loaded up the truck. The horizon a soft shade of robins egg blue an no wind. "Yes" I whispered to my self. Saw John Law on the way to the java stop by the on ramp. His nose was in his paperwork, and I only got a fleeting glance with that "No Threat" look.
Jen poured me a Grande. "Goin fishin Hawk?" "Yea" In said. "Will you take me sometime?" she inquired. "Ahh, yea, sure Jen" But in the back of my mind I knew it would never happen.......Don't get me wrong, Jen's a nice kid......but..... It's the nose ring.
On the highway I punched it up to lightspeed and found some morning music, Moody Blues, Question of Balance. The 150 mile trip was one I am very comfortable with. Straight shot to the Dalles, stop for a breakfast biskit and a re-load of joe, then straight on till dawn......or Maupin in this case. A light breeze ruffled the surface of the Columbia. I got a few thumbs up from the Bass Boys in there matching SUV's and Rangers. But those, are they old bowling tops or what?
I wound my way through Maupin at about 7 or so, saw one guy with a cup of coffee wanderin around...looked like he was lookin for his car. Saw a sign for worms, 2 bucks for a hackle....I mean, who does worms? Thats so 60's! Made my way down the hill th the access road and headed North along the river. The Magpies were out in droves looking for a meal and playing chicken. The river was empty, and I only passed one other truck on the paved section. Down past the White and Shearas I broke off again. The dust was billowing behind the truck as I made my way to the double trestles above Pine Tree.
Wind plays a huge role for the Flyfisherman on the Dechutes. If you make the on it being windy. That way you won't be bummed. Now with that said there are many places on this river where you can fish even in the wind. I got to the Trestles and parked the truck. a short trip to the lookout confirmed that it had already begun to blow out of the North. I was packed up and on the trail in seconds. This bend in the Dechutes is not very accessable to Joe Public, and, becomes a very good bet for the explorer.
On the water, I could see fish rising. But trying to get any action on the surface was futile. Switching gears, I took to below surface tactics... It paid off! Just below a small spillway, the river fed back into itself creating a horizontal feeding machine. I gave a waterloged Orange Stimulator generous line after a roll cast (about 10 feet from shore, heavy brush) and kept my rod tip as far out over the water as I could without falling in. After which I would drag that fly back up through the primordial soup and "Bang!", the Trout started to hit. First up was a 14" followed by a 12" and many bite-run-spit storys that I won't get into here. The wind came in fits, a gust for about 10-15 seconds then nothing for 10 mins. or so, then another. There was a Midge hatch around 9, seems like it was over about as fast as it started. Saw evidence of Stones, not many mind you, but like I said, I could not get any surface action going.
A big freight haulin lumber broke my concentration, and my watch read around 11 or so....amazing how fast 3 hours can go by. Hiked back to the truck and had lunch. The wind was realy starting to blow now, so I decided to work my way back out of the canyon making a few stops along the way..... but it turned out that the action that I had in the morning hours, was the only action I would see all day.
I know some of you have been suffering this winter.....Im sorry. We here in Oregon and the N.W. where it's been in the 60's and 70's, will be doing our suffering come July. Washington State has already declared Drought status and I feel Oregon will not be far behind. Unless we get some mosture soon, all of the Rivers with the exception of a few, will be dry or close to it this summer.
But the Trout are out there, Ya just gotta set yourself on a "Seek and Slam" mission, and dont forget to Catch and Release, so others can enjoy the pleasures!!!
Here are a few pics to wet the whistle, bon apatite!

Deerhawk......somewhere in the North West Quad

Capt. Mel Simpson
03-13-2005, 03:49 PM

Just got thru sending my $$'s off for my annual trip to the Dean and then later the Deschutes. After 25 years away from Oregon and the Deschutes, I don't think I could make it through a year without a good fix of that dusty road down to Mac's Canyon.

The smell of sagebrush and the cackle of a chucker first thing in the morning is what I dream about, oh and maybe the pull the first steelhead of the day!