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: CND "spey" help

03-03-2005, 08:43 PM
I fish for striped bass / bluefish on Long Island NY. Fishing conditions on our north shore (Long Island Sound and marsh/tidal estuaries) are different from the fishing conditions on our south shore (Atlantic surf and inlets). I fish both shores.

1. I thought (naively) that I would try a simple experiment with spey rods on the tidal "creeks" of the north shore of Long Island. The place I love to fish gets some good movement of water on a dropping tide, I present flies by "swinging" down and across the 100+ ft wide tidal "creeks", usually at night. Not much room for backcasts. Using a single handed rod works...but I thought a spey rod, performing a single spey cast, would be much more efficient. I was looking at the CND Custom 13' 7/8, and Expert 6/7. The flies I throw are small, fish are plentiful (typically less than 25 inches), and I'm relatively protected against strong wind. I thought traditional spey casts would work great in this situation. Yet people are telling me to look at 2 handed rods like the Atlantis series. That's not what I had in mind for the fishing conditions described above. Can anyone please give me some feedback?

2. I also love to surf fish the south shore (traditional heavy spinning gear). I don't bring my single handed fly rods to the beach. Now that a couple of people have shown me their CND Atlantis series rods...I'm curious. The 11' 11wt seems great for big flies, big wind, and big fish. However I noticed that CND makes an 11' 9 wt- this could be a great Long Island north shore "surf" rod and a nice "lighter" south shore surf rod. Can you use a 10 wt intermediate striper line with the 11-9? Or do you have to use something more like a tarpon taper line / multi-tip shooting head system? Are the cork handles the same length for the 9 wt and the 11 wt Atlantis rods?


03-03-2005, 08:57 PM
Hi scott -

the 1109 would be perfect for what you describe IMHO. It is not going to overpower the 25 inch fish but can go the distance with a cow if one comes along. although it's 11ft it will do some working spey casting duty as well as overhead cast. A 10wt intermediate will load it well.

You can fish it finesse or for the surf I would load it up with a 10wt fast sinking shooting head in the 35ft range with slickshooter running line and send it well past the furthest breaker. Let the head sink to the depths while the slickshooter slices thru the waves. Take your time jumping the fly back to the beach and let hunting fish happen onto it. For this I use a weighted eye fly with 6" materials to counterbalance the weight while still letting the hook ride up off the bottom. Deadly technique with sand eel imitiations for stripers.

Or find a floating shooting head and have some fun with big poppers in calmer conditions, or twilight. nothing like a big surface explosion to get the blood boiling.

In estuaries, a standard 9wt or 10wt striper line loads it well enough to sight fish. I have gone as high as 11wt shooting heads in 35ft which loads it deep but sends it over 120ft with a straight, slower stroke. Best to stay 10wt or less though.

For spey I would recommend the scandinavian style lines, 38-45 ft in length.

One of the nicest I've tried was what Aaron showed me in Seattle - take a 6/7/8 windcutter and remove the middle to make a 39ft head. You can use the sinktips as well, matches the 1109 perfectly to the backing with just an easy stroke.

I would describe it as super-light yet tough and versatile. made specifically for salt.

03-03-2005, 09:03 PM
Thanks Juro,

That was very clear and helpful.