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: Tough decision!!!

03-02-2005, 09:07 AM
I was just about to order a Danielson 8twelve for my 8wt Steely / Salmon setup, when I notice a brand new Steelfin Vario 8 for sale for a few bucks more. Steelfin is out of business, but they made quite a reel and I'm wondering if it is worth it to go for the reel if I can find someone to repair it if it breaks? Anyone here had any long term experience with a Steelfin. The lever drag feature is pretty cool and the stainless / bronze / synthetic drag is pretty serious stuff. This reel sold for almost $700 when Steelfin was in business, now I found one under $400. Then again, the 8twelve is quite a reel! TOugh decision!!!! :Eyecrazy: