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: 2nd week of September Martha's Vineyard

foster reed
02-27-2005, 09:56 PM
Looking for advice- After labor day with wife, baby, dog and flyrod - 3-5 days, house rental, guided day, flies and so on. Or, is Nantucket or the Cape better fishing then ?
I am completely ignorant of the area so any comments will be appreciated !

02-28-2005, 03:23 PM
Getting specific info on the Vineyard is tough.
2nd week of September should be prime fishing in all of SE Mass areas, including the islands.
Larry's Tackle Shop has some great "generic"/publicly known Vineyard fishing info.
( Larry's has a website)
As for rentals, search online for Martha's Vineyard vacation rentals. There are several websites to look over. Some are marked as "pet friendly". Most show a calendar with availability.
Best of all....the rental rates drop in September.
One thing to also consider....that will be close to MV Derby time. So....you may have a bit of company.
I plan on vacationing out there myself...a bit earlier...the end of August into Labor Day weekend.
I'll gladly share anything I find out...but obviously my info will be a week or two old.
Lastly, if you choose the Vineyard...bring a vehicle over....too big of an island to get around on foot.
Good luck!

03-01-2005, 11:40 AM
fishing is great then. Lots of hard tails around, but much less boat traffic during the week as school year has started, which brings a sharp decline in people activity that time of year.

Beach fishing in places like Lobsterville should be good for bass, espcially at night that time of year, State beach in OB and East Beach in Chappy will have lots of folks chasing albies. North Shore is great too but shore access is harder to come by.

The derby runs mid Sept to mid Oct, so you'll have company then, especially on the beaches at night (lobsterville) and some spots all day (east beach will be loaded with buggies).

If you want to book a guide do so sooner than later. Larrys can help you or Coops.

good advice about a car. you'll need one.