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: Big Fly Doesn't Always Equal Big Fish

07-08-2001, 08:41 PM

So I'm some sort of leper for enjoying fly fishing in a pond when we have some monster stripers roaming our shores. I accept that - it brings me back to my roots, where I started fly rodding. Call me a freak. Go ahead - do it.

Anyway.... My wife was so successful the other night, the quarry pretty much ruined my last popper that was guarnteed to produce. Therefore being the hung over, tight-fisted yankee that I've become, I decide to crank out a few from my tying table this AM.

Bear with me here.

In the salt, you catch big fish with a big fly right? So why should I have kept with the #8 popper? Tied up a #4, #1 & a 1/0 this AM.

Tried them out this afternoon, proud to say they all produced. I would really like to tell you about the monster largemouth I landed with the 1/0 popper. But, of course, I can't.

It was really quite amusing A) getting it where I wanted it to go in high winds with my old glass/ graphite #6 rod. B) Watching the popper get pulled under by the small (micro) bass & panfish who couldn't quite get there mouths around it. I think it's like me trying to run down a whole pig instead of just waiting for the pork chop. MMMMMMMMM pork........


07-08-2001, 09:49 PM
Flyfishing in ponds is great stuff. Especially working the shoreline - willows hanging over, outcroppings, structure. As much as I love the big stuff in the ocean one of the things I miss is casting toward the shoreline with a popper.

John Desjardins
07-09-2001, 08:40 AM
Don't feel like a leper Jeff, your taking advantage of a fishery being ignored by many. Most LM Bass and sunfish in the northeast rarely if ever see a fly, making them fairly easy to catch. They typically are what I target when the jones is getting bad.

I've had the experience of sunfish and micro bass trying to attack a fly thats 2/3'rds of their size. One of my favorite flies for this type of fishing is a floating dragon fly imitation that is ~ 2" long that probably only hooks a fish out of every fifteen that hit it. Sure is fun though.