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: Back from Aruba Report

02-24-2005, 09:59 AM
I fished hard everyday and didn't get into a single bone that i know of. The ocean seemed more rough then the previous time I was there. Several of the locals said the ocean was more rough as well and there was a ton of sea weed/turtle grass washed up on the shore. The ocean was not surfing conditions but would knock me around. My game plan was fish early every morning and walk the beaches sighting fishing from the beach south and north of the visible ship wreak. The first day I was up early way up before sunrise didn't see a single tail sighting. So around 10am when more and more people get up and start kite and wind suring I would wade out and blind cast. I lost several bites two which felt like nice hard strikes, but caught 4 mangrove snappers and one 3 ft long long snout aka trumpet fish. Those trumpet fish always give me the willys at first when I catch one even though they are harmless. Second day ocean was a little calmer early morning was up by the wreak again and I saw fish action from shore. Saw a couple of swirls and one time a couple of little minnows jumped. I almost 100% I saw tailing twice but due to the sun just start rising I couldn't see the fish. Then I thought I saw a big fish 24" range I had on a tan/gold gotcha cast strip strip BAM caught me by surprise some I strip set and raise the rod high but nothing. Got my line in and my fly was gone. I'm not exactly sure what happened I was using 12lb tippet. There was a slight single half C in the end of my tippet so I don't know if it was a cuda, my knot came un done, or if I just had a weak spot. The sun came up more and sight conditions improved saw around 5 bones non were tailing. 3 did follow up all refused. 2 nd day was the only day I saw bones. Remaining days were a repeat of the first day fish and weather wise. 2 days I fished mainly for cudas using needle fish, clouser and popper patterns and was surprised I didn't get any hits. I tried by the wreak and went N to the light house where I did well w/ cudas before but the water at the light house area was very rough I was getting pummeled standing on this rock where last trip the ocean was calm. All and all had a amazing time a ton of fun. Weather was absolute amazing. Side note I didnt have a thermometer but the a couple of days the ocean felt on the cold side which I wonder could have affected the bone fishing. I dunno. Thanks for everyones advice and replies. Really appreciate it.

02-24-2005, 10:41 AM
Glad you had a good trip. I'ts a bummer when after all the anticipation over catching bones...the plan just doesn't come together. Like my motto/signature..."Catching bones is great...but the real fun and excitement for me is just "being there".

Mabey next time!


02-24-2005, 10:43 AM
SBG - Great report!

It sounds like you made the best of some tough weather conditions. Water temp is a big factor in Bones coming onto the flats so you are probably correct.

My guess would be that it was a cuda that "got your gotcha" :wink: I've donated many bonefish flies to cudas over the years. Their teeth are so incredibly sharp/effecient that many times you don't even feel the strike. They are one of my favorite targets when other fishing gets tough but I'm wary of going after them on foot - or rather waist deep in water - the release could get a bit hairy :Eyecrazy:

02-24-2005, 11:59 AM
Thanks for the replies fellas. I really really had a great time. One of my more relaxing vacations, I do LOVE that island. The people are always so nice there. The one fish that busted me off I was thinking cuda too but I didn't think they would go that shallow. I dunno. After fishing all morning till afternoon I would just take a nice long nap under a tiki hut and have some trop drinks. Then wake up for round two in the late afternoon. Yes handling cudas in waist deep water can be very tricky business its called very long needle nose :D

I'll be heading to Tampa bay FL area at the end of April. Does anyone know any good guides around that area or what fish will be around. I plan on doing one guide trip and then fishing on my own. I am hoping to fish around mangroves and flat like water for reds, snook, and speckeled trout and maybe if they come early enough maybe poons. I probably start another thread with this same que. so people will find the thread.

Again thanks for the replies and help I appreciate everyones time. Take care and TIGHT LINES!!

old geezer
03-18-2005, 06:38 AM
Steelboneguy, Take a look at www.flyanglersonline and check out the fish-in section for Dunedin area at Honeymoon Island. We had cold water temp, but it has warmed up, My honey and I are going to fish it March 31 and Apr. 1.

Its a great area and peaceful

My .02

03-18-2005, 10:18 AM
Thanks Geezer!! That is great info! I will check that out for sure while I am there. Just the info I was looking for. I have already started tying. That just made my day. :) :D I live in WI and we are supposed to get our heaviest snowfall of the year and I probably won't get to go steelhead fishing this weekend now :mad:

Thanks again. I wish you luck while you are there. For your good fortune to others May you hook into a cobia that stops running only after you have 2 loops of backing on your reel and then you land the fish :lildevl: Give a report for sure!