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: Thursday Night Fly Tying

02-23-2005, 10:38 AM
Capt. Dave Bitters of Baymen Outfitters (one of the board sponsors) has asked me to pass this along.

Everyone of any ability is invited to come tie flies at the shop. A bunch of people get together on Thursday nights and whip up some wild creations until it's time to fish again. I made it a couple of times this year and will attend tomorrow night. First time I went this year I bagged a TFO 9' 9wt pro in the raffle and got most of my monster flies done for the swap. Open to all experience levels this is a good chance for those new to the hobby to get their feet wet.


From Dave:
Last Thursday at BAYMEN, we had a full house, as anglers from all over the South Shore joined us for our Thursday Night Fly Tying Club. Thanks to Paul of Hearth & Kettle Bakery for the huge box of sweets, and Doyles pizza for perfect pies! If we have a big group again this Thursday, BAYMEN will rafflle off several great items. Join us Thursday nights, 6pm-9pm, for a fun night out at BAYMEN!

For directions or more info hit the site Here (

03-04-2005, 01:36 PM
Well the snow storm last week kept me from getting out. I did make it out last night and was suprised to find a game feast when I arrived at the shop around 6:30. Charlie Sears had backed his truck up to the shop entrance and was grilling up deer kabobs and sausage. The food was outstanding, I'm thinking of putting a roobar on the Jeep and driving around some deer x-ing areas :chuckle: Since there was a decent turnout Dave auctioned off a hat some flies and another TFO 9-9 pro. Guess who won the rod? Well now I've got two of them and I did manage to get out of there alive after hitting 1st place in the raffle again. I guess one can never have enough rods. Dave, maybe a 10wt or 4wt next week :wink: .
I only tied one fly, but won't call it unproductive, it was good to talk with some of the crew that had made it down to the warmer climes and talk of the times to come this year. Just getting out and doing something fishing related has improved my late Winter outlook and I highly recommend Thursday night tying if you live nearby.