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: Kaufmann's Speydays 2005 Pic's

Brian Simonseth
02-20-2005, 10:03 AM

02-21-2005, 06:14 AM
Brian it was good to see you again along with most of the PNW Spey contingent! Nobuo-san was kind enough to fly in and enlighten many (like me) in the ways of Spey. Andre Sholz from Germany was putting on a laser show. I was surprised Ed Ward did not hook a fish during his presentation as he is the fishiest dude I've ever met. Dana and our brothers on the Speypages team were there in force. Sean took 'top rod' during the off hours as far as reports would indicate (congrats on the great fish dude). Dr. Yin, Scott and Mike, Jack Cook, I will type up a full report when I get settled.

Now I am back on the other coast on the redeye... landed right smack in the middle of a blizzard! Transpo is crippled. You can bet I am already dreaming of emerald waters and spey lines gliding over them.

When I put together the first Fall City Spey Clave the weekend of the inaugural Bellevue Fly Show a few years back, I learned firsthand what is involved even with an improv clave. Since then this event has been picked up in a big way by Kaufmanns, I can only imagine the herculean effort the K-man gang put forth for this. The Kaufmanns Speyclave is yet another great PNW Spey tradition, I'm honored that I was able to attend.

Dennis, Jerry, et. al. - thanks!