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: adg titan 7/8 fly rod

02-20-2005, 01:55 AM
It is currently on sale at adgfish for $600, $630 with the rod case. Mine has the fighting butt missing and the rod tip has been fixed. I think it fishes the same, but you try it and decide
new price $930 (with case)
sale new price $630 (with case
subtract $100 since its used = $530
Subtract $59 in case you do not think the rod casts the same as a new one and want a new rod tip (thats what it costs) = $471

Also have adg 6/7/8 machined reel with backing and line, is on sale at adgfish for $200. I am in Chico califronia, if you are interested and want to test it out email me and we can met on the feather or a near by river

Also have a sth im 3 reel in great shape with backing for $40.