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: I had a boil!!!!!!!!

02-19-2005, 12:18 PM
No not on my backside and not on my fly! My partner had finished the run we were fishing and had sauntered back to stand just below me on the bank and we were disscussing our options for the next stop for the "workday". I had my rod tucked under my left arm and was busily shucking "Hoodys" (peanuts for you that don't know). I have a habit of eating peanuts in the shell and as anyone who does so knows the spent shell float. I had been shelling them for about ten minutes maybe one or two per cast and apparently the fish had taken notice of "The Hatch" of empty shells floting by at a steady and almost perdictable rate. Apparently he had these offerings figured for some type of chow as there was a vigorous almost exsplosive surface boil and subsequent dissaperance of one of the peanut shells no more than 5' from below my rod tip!!!!! :Eyecrazy:
I have in the past seen a few winter fish come up for stuff but this is the first report of having one come to a dry chum line. Maybe the next time there is a Forum Fly Plate I will donate a crafty imitation of an empty peanut shell. Like I have said so many times the fly don't matter to the fish just to us! :lildevl:
Anybody know how to invest in water companies to get rich from the coming drought disaster. Those of you headed to the "Wet End" forget your rain gear bring sunblock.

02-19-2005, 12:59 PM
Salted or unsalted? :D

Call Wally Hickle -plans on bringing water to a neighborhood near you shortly I hear!

02-19-2005, 01:09 PM
I often think about the type of fly and if and when it matters to the fish and the same regarding the fisherman. One sees lots of degrees of involvement in fly selection but it's really hard at least for me to come up with anything since controlled studies are all but impossible. In a way this is what keeps it interesting to me i.e. the impossibility of the situation bowing its head to the scientific method! Oh well and the fishing goes on!!! caliban

old man
02-20-2005, 01:46 AM
I was fishing a small lake in Western Washington last year when another fisherman threw a cigar wrapper in the lake. That wrapper that was floating on the surface had so many hits I had to leave. I couldn't catch that many fish in a day.


02-20-2005, 09:16 AM
Oldman That reminds me of a story I heard back when I was in grade school. August Slathar a Forks area pioneer ( original owner of the restraunt bearing his name just east of Forks) was fishing the Dickey River and ran out of bait, at the time there were no drift bobbers invented and he didn't use hardware so he was done fishing. He decided to have a smoke and was looking at his pack of Pall Malls and decided that the red paper would be better than an empty hook so he cast out his hook "Dressed" with a Pall Mall red and silver. He hooked and landed a 12# Steelhead!!!
Pescaphile they were the "Low Sodium" variety from the packing plant in El Paso Texas, if you want to match the hatch you must have accurate info ,right! :hihi:

02-20-2005, 05:54 PM
I live in Oregon now but come from southeastern Pennsylvania for most of my life. Back there I did alot of fishing and most of it in ponds of old brick works where they dug out the clay. The fishing for both lorge mouth bass and the biggest bluegills I've ever seen was pretty good in late summer. I fished those ponds exclusivly with dry flies of many types and descriptions but match the hatch I tried but my sucess was based on something else which I have never been able to identify. The one thing which I could usually identify with those fish was the time in the evening and it was virtually always just prior to dark for maybe 20min to a half hour. It didn't matter what fly I would use just put over them and if you were fast enough you got one. I used to use flies I got from an outfit in Denver, Dave Cook, and the one I liked were bivisibles and the reason I liked them was for the thick hackle and the fact that they would float in the most adverse conditions. I caught alot and it was fun. Out here in Oregon I've done some Salmon fishing with other people and have had no success but I keep on trying one thing I've learned with age and that is that it ain't the catching it's the whole experience. Now I ask is that not the biggest bunch of bull **** you've ever heard?