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: Oly Pen patterns(early March)

02-17-2005, 08:47 AM
OK, 3 cheesheads are invading the peninsula from 3/5-3/13.
I've done a batch of Glasso patterns, 'cause ya just hafta have them :cool:
What else do we need?

02-17-2005, 01:17 PM

You will find Glasso's Orange Heron to be one of those flies that like Glasso himself said, "Tie it on in the morning and cut it off in the evening." His version of the Polar Shrimp is one you don't want to be without on the Hoh and Queets. His Brown Heron is for those times when you think the Orange Heron is too bright. An Akroyd with cinamon wing is also very good as in the Inchgarth (I tie these on SJ blind eye hooks).

Other flies you should consider carrying are a G.P. in orange and a WA State variant of the G.P. Sean Gallegher came up with called Sean's Prawn: a G.P. that has hot pink added to the orange bucktail tail and a hot pink hackle added as a face hackle before the front wing is tied in. Ally's Shrimp in orange, purple, and hot pink and orange (hot orange and hot pink tail with some cerise Krytal Flash; gold oval rib; rear body hot pink floss (I like Uni-Stretch); front body hot orange floss (again I like Uni-Stretch); red or hot pink squirrel tail body veils; hot pink G.P. tippet wing; mixed hot orange and hot pink hackle; head flame or cerise thread.

A spey fly originated by Don Kaas of Port Angeles he calls the Red Knight: tail hot pink G.P. tippet fibers; large oval silver rib; rear body flame floss; mid-body flame dubbing; front body hot pink dubbing; grey spey hackle; teal or gadwall throat; wing is 3-4 strands of cerise Kystal Flash followed by 1 hot pink G.P. rump feather with 1 natural red G.P. breast feather over tied flat like a G.P. wing; head red thread.

Veverka's Purple Sol Duc is worth having as is Gobin's Purple Spey (hot pink floss rear body, purple dubbing; silver rib, purple spey feather hackle; natural guinea throat; bronze mallard wing). Walt Johnson's Deep Purple Spey is another one that works at times when others don't.

Marabou spiders in black & hot orange, black & chartreuse, black & fushcia (or hot pink), purple & black, hot orange & pink, red & hot pink, black & dark blue, hot orange & yellow, and red & orange & yellow are also good ones.

If you want to use classic featherwings, Kate, Kelson's Purple Emperor; and the Red Sandy are excellent choices.

Truthfully, the Orange Heron, Glasso Polar Shrimp, Sol Duc Spey, Sol Duc, G.P. Sean's Prawn, Ally's Shrimp in orange, purple, and hot pink & orange, any of the purple speys, and Don Kaas Red Knight are all you need for any of the OP rivers.

02-28-2005, 06:16 PM

You have more than you need, and Flytier's suggestions augment art and craft more appreciated by steelheading afficionados than by the steelhead we seek. I appreciate beautiful flies, but I know with certainty that they are completely unnecessary as far as attracting, hooking, and catching steelhead is concerned. I've caught lots of steelhead on flies that were nothing more than a couple marabou feathers tied on a hook. When I feel like I've got extra time on my hands, I palmer the marabou feathers and add some body material to make the flies look prettier to me. But I'm never fooled into believing it makes any difference whatever to my quarry.


Salmo g.

02-28-2005, 07:43 PM
I've done well with purple on the Hoh, black and/or purple on he Duc, orange on the Bogey and Calawah and my black bunny rat has done the deed for me on sinktips many times in winter on most of the rivers I've haunted out on the west side in winter. Summer would be a whole different story.

More importantly just put a good pattern out there and swing it slow in the fishiest water, and be ready when the silver submarine decides to kill it.