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: Sparrow Variant (swap entry)

Dble Haul
02-15-2005, 06:52 PM
Here is natrix's carp swap entry with his pattern recipe.

Sparrow Variant

Hook: TMC 5263 or equivalent, size 4, 6, or 8
Thread: Uni 8/0
Body: Leach yarn wrapped down tight and picked out so it's really buggy
Hackle: Ring neck pheasant flank
Tail: Ring neck pheasant flank, or rump feathers in natural, brown, or olive, and flashabou
Legs: Flex floss, fluorescent orange, red, or chartruese
Eyes: Painted lead barbells, chrome plated brass barbells, or bead chain depending on how fast you want it to sink
Head: Chenille

Use three whip finishes and no head cement.