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: the tide according to a local: Aruba waterlevels.

02-15-2005, 04:56 PM
The following is just an indication, it will help a lot of fisherman finding some directions on my island. Altough personally I donīt think all sites have big tidal influences and I mostly believe in early morning sessions or the afternoon, this may help the ones who think the tide says a lot about your chances.
The best prediction about chance I got from my father when I was a little boy.
"as long as your hook is in the water, you have a chance, but you will never catch a fish if you donīt throw your hook in the water"

Anyways, the tide in aruba, go to the following website:

In the left section of this website you can go to "tide tables", click it.
then in the right section thereīs predictions for 2005, click on it.

Scroll down towards "predictions outside the US" and select the "Panama Canal"
now select "eastern end (atlantic)"
click on "predictions" behind "cristobal"
Now thereīs some time correction to calculate by yourself:
High Tide: + 0:21 (Oranjestad) + 0:33 (Malmok)

Low Tide: + 01:16 (Oranjestad) + 01:36 (Malmok)

Correction for the levels is the following: multiply the hight of Cristobal with 0.65 and then add 0.98 ft.
This is the best predictions I know, most seamen use this if they need to know the tide. you could also take Curacao Shottegat, in the same list as cristobal, and just print it, I donīt know corractions on that one, but it will be an indication about when and that will be enough for most of us fishermen.

And as a reward I would love to have everyone post a nice fish caught on aruba underneath this post! So we all can admire the beauty Aruba has to give to the few fly-fishermen who go there, because they all have more things to do then just flyfishing.... (if itīs only fly-fishing you want to do, go to some better place!) :D