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: BIG Attitash pike landed...

01-24-2001, 11:31 AM
Just to let you guys seems a rather LARGE pike was taken through the ice at Lake Attitash earlier this guestimate was between 20-25 lbs.!! No lie...picture and story was in last Thursday's or Friday's Newburyport Daily News. I'd add the link, but...on line paper doesn't show a picture...story only.
The fish was released after pictures...supposed weighed 17+ lbs. on a digital scale...locals are "whining" that a pike of that length and girth should have weighed more!! ain't fly fishing....but that is HUGE for Mass. waters!

01-24-2001, 06:05 PM
I've always wanted to go out & skate a big mouse fly across the surface... maybe a small clave is in order?