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: Bronzeback Sidenote!

08-04-2000, 12:29 PM
A pleasant event. My wife and I chose Woods Pond in Maine for a week vacation coming up this month. Last night I was sitting in the barber shop waiting for a buzz when I see a Field and Stream mag. There was an article on Bass fishing in Western Me. (both Largemouth and Smallie). It noted a few very good Ponds/Lakes like Kezar in Lovell Me., or Highland and Long Lakes in Bridgeton. But then it goes on to quote a noted fisheries biologist that says the best fishing is in the real "sleepers" like: bla pond and bla pond and WOODS POND! Bingo. That's encouraging. Should be a blast!


08-04-2000, 05:54 PM
I've been neglecting a long-standing background of smallmouth fishing. I swore I'd get up to Winni for the spring run but failed to do so. Please post images.

BTW - I always did well on topwater (poppers) in the evening even thru mid-summer.

08-04-2000, 10:03 PM
Poppers?...dah, now I have to run out to Concord at lunch again.