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: Another good Largemouth, out with the boy

06-27-2000, 09:24 PM
When I post here it's usually because I've been out with one of my kids spinfishing. They always get plenty of Sunnys and I try to toss something at least artificial. Last Sat. was the same. My son and I were visiting the father in law. He told me to bring some rods so I did. Right near his house in Peabody is a nice quarry-esque hole over 60 feet deep, crystal clear. Drops right off at a 40 degree angle at the shore. We rowed around and caught many sunnys and I got a good 10" LArgemouth. On the way in I got a big 3.5 to 4 lb LArgie. That's my 2nd lunker this year. Still need a 6 weight to attack this fishery with!


06-28-2000, 08:58 AM
Uh Terry - buddy. I've got the 6 weight and you seem to find the largemouth - what a combo!

Or maybe I can just borrow your son as a good luck icon?

06-28-2000, 10:16 AM
I was telling Roop the other day how my daugther did with a popper on Spy Pond in Arlington one summer day, before we moved out to Seattle so she was very young.

Anyway, I put a popper on the line and had her reel it in. I told her it was a puppet, and if she pulled it it would pop, gurgle, twitch and splash. Here she was having a grand time playing with the puppet when the lilly pads started to quiver, the water became unsettled and out from the depths came a huge largemouth bass. It exploded on her little water puppet and scared the ever-living crap out of her! She was horrified.

Bad daddy forgot to tell her that a big green scary ugly fish with red eyes and a mouth like a bucket was going to come kill her puppet! Ooops!

06-28-2000, 11:26 PM
Forgot to mention, this Largie took 2 splendid shots out of the water about 2 feet high! that's something I miss with Stripers. Bluefish go airborne sometimes too. It shocked me cause my line was tangled in my sons line and as I was trying to untangle (quiet Roop) I see this thing go!