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: Full line or shooting head

clouser UK
02-06-2005, 09:14 AM
I normally use a Rio clear intermediate for my 8# , sometimes i use a shooting head but i seem to prefer the full line most of the time.
As we are coming over to the Cape in June i am wondering if i need to invest in a sinktip as well.
The idea of not having to change spools appeals to me, so would heads/ versa tip be the way to go? or should i stay with full lines.
Also, i'm setting up a 10# and i'm thinking Rio intermediate for that. I would like your suggestions for line weights for sinking lines/Tips/ Heads.

So, what do you use/ recomend for the 8# and the 10#?

Dave :)

02-06-2005, 10:45 AM
You will DEFINITELY need a sinking line, but you can pick it up here if you wish. The area shops know exactly what works. My preference for single hand lines in 8 to 10w is the Rio Striper DC 'deep sea' line, it's extremely durable and gets down to business in a fast tide rip.

Depending on the 8wt rod, something in the 250 grain range works; otherwise for the 10wt something in the 400 grain range is most common. We prefer to use a 9wt compromise with a line in the 325-350 grain range.

I like the shooting head systems for two-handers on the beach to reach extreme distances needed for big surf clearance or to launch big flies. Usually single handers are stripped right up to the leader knot where two-handers let you stand far from the messy waves, leaving more line out between casts, thus making the connection knot quite bearable with the two-handers in the surf.

Striper fishing blind is much less particular than bonefishing or salmon fishing. The thick shouldered linebackers are out to thrill, and you'll have a great time even with minimal gear.

However, when sight fishing on the flats it seems everything you do is not enough sometimes. Good thing too, no one likes 'em too easy :cool:

clouser UK
02-06-2005, 11:49 AM
I kinda thought that would be the case, so how do you feel about the various versi tips that are around.
Rio do a saltwater system with 24' tips( the dredger) and a coldwater version with a 15' tips, are these worth a look.
I think we will be doing a lot of shopping when we come over :hihi:

Dave :)

02-06-2005, 12:39 PM
I have three words to share about loop connections on single handers in the salt:

clunk, clunk, clunk

If this doesn't make you grind your teeth, then the versatility is great. Keep in mind you will strip the loops into the guides on every cast, and this under tension when a fish is on. I use two lines with exchangeable spools in the salt - clear intermediate, and a fast sink line with intermediate running line. A floater is a speciality item out here unless you are one of the flatwing swinger types. But in the end, it's up to you - either will work.

With a two-handed rod the guides are bigger and the loop gets pulled to the hands and you are fishing significantly more of the time than casting. Loop connections are no bother at all when you can slip, flip and fire over 120ft. You will be retrieving for a l-o-n-g time as you deploy shooting heads in the 12wt range approaching 600 grains or more. Also, the use of 50# Rio slickshooter or the new Airflo running lines make it worth using shooting heads - it's entirely possible to throw the whole 120ft running line with a 45ft shooting head on and a good quartering wind. Yes, that's 165 ft of line under favorable conditions but don't take my word for it talk to Andrew Moy who is in the attached video clip. Summary: no bother on the two-handed front to use loops.

You already know the advantages of loop connections, just wanted to let you know what most salty buggers (but not all) around here say about loops. Your results may vary, you'll figure it out once you're out here.

That new break in the beach and the closing off of the end should prove interesting for your visit.

clouser UK
02-06-2005, 03:52 PM
Thanks Juro,
I know what you mean about the loops, and yes they can get caught up at bad times.
It's just me trying to make my life easier( cheaper) and not get another spool or reel. :roll:

I am happy with Rio's striper intermediate so will get one for the 10# and unless someone comes up with something else, i will leave the sinking line until i arrive...........possibly :Eyecrazy:
I might have to get a 9#outfit when i come over!.....oh, and another reel...lines........a good supply of Bucktail.....
It never ends........thank God!
I'll let nature fininsh moulding the beach, i'm sure it will be interesting whatever she does.

Dave :)