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05-01-2000, 08:21 AM
Took my son out fishing last night. My son is 5 so worms are the deal to get him into fishing. I snap off the barbs and use long shank hooks. That makes it easier to just wiggle the pond fish right off. My son caught a nice pickeral and a few calico bass. I couldn't bring the flygear cause of limited time and the need to focus on the boy. I brought a spinning rod for the occasional in between worm cast. MY son and I were out on this point fishing when I decide to toss this big clunky spinnerlure into the side cove. Wham, then tug, then big swirl. Turned out to be a 5lb Largemouth!
Flyfishing this spot would have been impossible without a boat. But I want this to be the year I get into largemouth on the fly. And this trip reaffirms the quality of the largemouth fishing in our area. I need to buy a 6 wt. now.


06-01-2000, 08:05 AM

Nice job on taking the little guy fishing - hopefully you will have a lifelong fishing partner in the making.

I am trying to get my wife into fishing (my dad too), so I took out the canoe twice last weekend hoping to get her into some sunfish and bass. I was flyfishing, and she was using a ultralight spin outfit. On saturday we caught some beautiful pumpkinseed, yellow perch and some small pickerel. Went to lake Rohunta on Sunday (Route 2 and 202 intersection) and launched at the new public boat ramp. Within my first 5 casts with a size 2 deer hair swimming frog I had a big bass come up and inhale the fly. It didn't fight too hard and I was able to land it. You could have stuck your fist in its mouth. We got a few pictures and sent it on its way. I hadn't fished specifically for largemouth on a fly before, and I too had made it a point to do this year. We have so many small ponds and lakes that IMO offer better fishing than our trout resources - so why not give them a shot. I found the 7wt to be okay, but the bigger wind resistant flies might have done a bit better on the 8wt. It was a blast - my wife loved it and thought it was fun, there are plenty of fish, and there are many areas to check out - often uncrowded areas.

06-01-2000, 08:20 AM
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06-01-2000, 08:52 PM
Sounds great, and you're right Pete this fishery is way underexploited. I took a crew of young anglers to White's Pond (Sperry Cove) and they all caught beautiful bass on rubber worms. It was a school project, and I'll have to say it was some quality material. I'm sure they got an 'A'.

Nate's point about the smallmouth fishery up north is a good one. This fishery is incredible, the surroundings pristine and the bronzebacks fight like all heck. I hope we can pull of a day trip to do this.