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: Aruba Poons in the lagoon?

02-02-2005, 09:56 AM
I leave for Aruba in 8 days!!! I can't wait I'm so excited. :D I have almost all my bonefish and cuda flies tyed. Mainly tan/gold gotchas, clousers chrt/wht, and tan/wht, lots of poppers. I have read that there are some poons in Aruba and some people fish for the silver king and snook in Spanish Lagoon. I have tried looking up info on spanish lagoon and I havn't found much info. Is this an area where you could rent a kayak and give it a whirl? Is there mangroves in this lagoon. How big is this lagoon I mean do you have to have boat? Is there other areas to go for tarpon or is spanish lagoon it. If anyone could help me out I would really appreciate. I would love to tangle with a snook or poon. I have flies for both from previous trips to FL. Mucho Gracias everyone! I can't wait to leave, catch some fish and then brag.. errr um tell the report when I get back. :chuckle:

02-04-2005, 11:59 AM
All righty folks I leave in less than a wk. I can't wait to leave sun, sand, ocean and 85 degrees here I come! If anyone has any rec. for the above info send my way.

02-04-2005, 12:38 PM
There is a bridge you can fish from on Spanish but it's no good for flyfishing and a park on the eastern corner of the opening of the lagoon you can drive to but with limited casting room. You would want a boat to really explore the area unless you luck into an encounter. It's not so much size but lack of any beach, the coral grows right into the water all along it except for the bridge and that's not amenable to FF.

There are kayak rental tours. When you locate Spanish Lagoon on the map, you will see Depalm Island offshore. There is a kayak trip that leaves from the boat launch just to the west, big parking lot. However I am not sure they let you rent without taking the snorkel tour. I would check them out though, they are right there.

If you want tarpon you would focus on that southern shoreline inside of the barrier islands and inside the lagoon(s). I also here that they live down on the south end just west of Baby Beach which can be fished from shore.

Also, head east toward Baby Beach and check out that area where the road flares away from the main drag around Savaneta and leads to a lot of open access to flats and other structures in Commander Bay. Also, there will be fish moving around the Barcadera area on moving tides and morning / evening hours. That whole south side should be good prospecting for tarpon if you have access to a boat.

I would be busy hunting bones during offhours with tails breaking thesurface, mid-day sight fishing, etc... also hunting jacks and other species at the gravel shoal below the lighthouse or that huge cresent beach to the north of Baby Beach, or Baby Beach itself (but only off hours as it's very crowded).

Good luck in any case.

02-07-2005, 09:23 AM
Wow now that is a informative post!! Thanks for the great detailed info. I will look into yak rental for sure. Not so sure about a boat rental. My main plan is to go for bones, then jacks and cudas. Now when you sight fish for bones, looking for tailing do you walk on the beach or are you out in the ocean already (ankle deep, knee, waist deep? When I was in aruba I never saw tailing bones however I was fishing waist deep. Sorry for the additional que just trying to help my odds in catching a fish.
I discovered last time by the light house that big cudas hang out there, lost two NICE cudas. I caught a little jack there my previous trip but would love to tangle w/ a big jack.... give my abel reel a real battle.
Depending on what the Yac rental place lets me do I would love to go after some poons. I'm sure I wouldn't hook up but you never know..... As long as my flight is ok I'll be in Aruba Fri afternoon :biggrin: Thanks again for the info I really REALLY appreciate it.

02-15-2005, 04:27 PM
If you read this while youīre still on the island, hit a search through this forum, thereīs a lot of info on the bones.
In front of the highrise hotels there are some docks, I heard from other natives there is Poons and other big fish coming around these docks in the evenings. Rumour has it that in the harbour in Oranjestad, in front of Crystal Palace casino there are also tarpons and the best chances are when the sun goes down or at night.
I fished there all december (it was my first flyfishing experience in the sea and back home) and fell in love with the Mighty Bone, I managed to get 3 on shore, but hooked 7 in total (so i lost the match 4 times). My biggest hook up I estimate well over 25 inches (according to my experience with Pikes I estimated the size)
Head out to malmok, early in the morning I saw tails right in the shoreline. Later on the day it will be mostly sight fishing with no tails. Some good glasses and a cap are extremely usefull then. as it was my first bonefish experience and I also had a lot of social life to keep up with I didnīt fish a lot of different places, I did went to the Spanish Lagoon, on a sunday with sunrise you can manage to cast some flies from the bridge, but watch out with traffic. Saw a few large jacks there, a lot of snook and managed to catch a few smaller cudaīs in there. I didnīt see a tarpon, but I know from a biologist that they have seen them in that lagoon. Getting a boat in the part of the lagoon thatīs on the landside will be the problem we all have, a kayak would be the best to get, but rentals will be expensive and I donīt know if they let you.
Good luck and hope to hear from your experiences.

02-16-2005, 08:28 AM
Sounds like you are really up for the trip. If you see a tailing bone in waist deep water, CAST, cause its probably a world record !!! or he's on a high spot under the water......the tailers I see on Abaco range in depth from 8" to mid-thigh......
I have more probelms with tailers that the at 2 O'Clock.....Last trip to Abaco, on thin water , in turtle grass was cast would just "boil" the school.....we had the sun to our backs very early in the morning......making seein anything but tails impossible.....and keep an eye open for "muds"....muds , for me at least, are usually an easy hook up a report !!!