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: Fly line for Pike, Bass, Carp

02-01-2005, 10:23 AM
I'm looking for suggestions for a line to cover springtime Pike (from my boat), smallmouths in a big river (boat), and sightfishing for carp (wading). I'm a new flyfisher, so easy casting is important. Would a short head bass bug taper handle all 3 of these situations?

Anyone try the Teeny Lefty Kreh line?

02-01-2005, 11:51 AM
Pike go for big flies. Scientific Anglers makes a Pike taper line that has a short, fat head designed to carry big flies. Think of it as an extreme Bass Bug taper.

But Carp are spooky. When that pike line hits the water, the Carp will head south,,,,,fast. You would have to build a tapered leader maybe 12 to 20 feet long to be able to use that Pike taper on Carp. Casting extreamly long leaders is not fun. Your rod wont even begin to load until you have all of that leader plus at least 25 feet of line worked out. Plus all the knots will pick up algae. Which is always around where Carp like to hang out. Pain in the butt!

Smallies are not that fussy. They will take a small fly.And Carp will only take the small flies. You can throw the larger (Pike) flies with a standard weight forward line. Just use a short, stout leader and learn to throw a tight loop. Don't go over board on the size of the flies you try to throw at the pike.

You neglected to mention what wt rod you are planning on using for all of this.
Normally, in flyfishing, the size of the fly dictates the line wt needed to carry it. Which in turn dictates the rod wt required to cast that particular line.

Pike can get huge. And they like to hide around weeds and other stucture. So you need a rod with enough power in the butt section to keep them out of there.

Carp can also get pretty big. And although they don't jump, they run like hell. And if there is stucture near by, they will go for it.

Smallies, again, not that big a deal.

So,,,do you already have a rod? Or are you planning on purchasing (just one) rod to do all of these things? If the latter is the case, and especially if this is your first venture into the world of flyfishing, I would HIGHLY recommend you avail yourself the services of a local flyshop.

We can give you advice on the web. Or you can talk to someone on the phone. But there is nothing, repeat NOTHING that compares to an hour long show and tell disscusion with a real live person in a flyshop! A local expert who knows and understands your local waters, knows and will demonstrate the equipment. And the price for all of this expert advice? FREE!!! But the bottom line is that when you leave that flyshop with whatever outfit, or anything else you bought there, you know you have the right stuff!

02-01-2005, 06:02 PM
As far as carp ONLY taking small flies, I have to disagree. I've had tremendous succes fly fishing for carp with some pretty healthy crayfish flies as well as woolly worms.


02-01-2005, 08:01 PM

I have also caught many very large carp both in several rivers of Pennsylvania and Montana's Missouri River when I lived there on #2 and #4 zonkers, large #1/0, 2, and 4 woolly buggers, and marabou bass streamers tied on large bass #2/0 saltwater 3XL stainless steel hooks. But to be fair to JD, I've also caught a bunch of carp on normal trout-sized nymphs.

To get back to the question, the bass bug taper would appear to me the best compromise to cover all three species you are planning on targeting. Just use a shorter leader for the pike and a little longer one with the carp, although I caught a lot of carp in both Montana and Pennsylvania on 9' leaders.

02-02-2005, 12:25 PM

Here is my Carp set up and some comments on gear and Carp fishing in general. I just spilled my 2 bits on Bass and Pike gear on another thread on this forum.

Line: 7 wt SA Mastery XXD.

But Section: 18 inches of 30 lb Berkley Big Game.

Leader: 12 lb 9 ft SA Mastery Bone Fish tapered knot less leader. Cut the leader back a couple of feet if you have to and tie on a 12 or 15 lb tippet up to 4 feet long. I use Maxima for the tippet.


Tippet: I go through allot or tippet material Carp fishing. Either cutting back the tippet and changing flies or getting hung up on the bottom. I would say that fresh tippet is one of the keys to success. In the beginning I used fluorocarbon and one day I ran out, started using Maxima and never went back. The only diference I can discern is the cost.

Rigging: I attach the leader to the but section with a loop to loop connection using surgeons loops.

Presentation: I use a 7 wt fast action rod and cast out of a boat to fish on flats or wading flats in mostly clear water. I think the long clear knot less leader defiantly reduces the amount of surface disturbance on the water and has made a big difference in providing a stealthier presentation.

Gear: I started Carp fishing with a 6 wt St Croix SCIV and I broke it like 8 or 10 times ( I may be on the Black list at St. Croix). That rod is now a trout rod. I replaced it with a Sage XP 6 wt which did fine job until I found a population of much bigger fish that go over 20 lb. For them I got a 7 wt Sage Xi2 which is just a great rod. (See Playing With the Carp on this forum)

I can cast size 4, 6 or 8 wet flies with small to medium sized lead eyes. (See Carp Flies Sparrow Variant on this forum)

If the wind is up I cut the tippet back a little.