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: Bonaire Bonefish Trip

01-31-2005, 06:19 PM


Here is a short report of our 8 days fishing at Bonaire.
We, 4 flyfisherman from the Netherlands, arrived on 28 janaury very early in the morning at Bonaire Flamingo airport. For three of us it was our second trip, feb 2004 we did the same. With the hired double pickup we first visited our appartment it was excelent, 2 sleepingrooms and on each room a shower, airco and a clean citchen (Lima Apartments) So, what else could we do at 06:00 AM..? exactly go fishing...

A little bit cloudy, good temperature, and no wind, the water looked like a mirror and that first day we saw a lot of tailing bonefish. Of course we had serveral Bones on Crazy Charlies, Bonefish Bitters en other shrimp imitations and man oh man, :whoa: believe me, with some runs I could see the blinking core of my spool trough the backing !!!!
No wind means a lot of small black biting flies and within no time we were covered with red points on our skin...and later we scratched and scratched and scratched..

Back from a long run..

Bonefish caught on a Bonefish Bitter

Ready for release

Last year we fished a few times at the Saltplates and badly enough, this year we 've seen everywhere:


I'ts clear, we may not fish there, so forget the Salplates !!

But there are other places like Lagoen, Lac Cai, or Sorobon and above the seagrass we saw several tailing Bonefish.

Bonefish on Crazy Charlie

Small Lagoen Bone on Bonefish Bitter

Or you can fish the Mangroves ....

Mangrove Me.......fresh meat for Mosquito's

Later that week we had more wind, but everyday we took some Bones or other species like Barracuda, Snappers, Blue Runner, Coney, and one Permit,

Permit from Lagoen.

Those day's are alway's too short but we had a great time and guess what, for one of us it was his first trip and he caught the biggest of all ...more than 30 Inches !

Bonaire has it all, nice weather, beautifull fish and friendly people.
Damned ... why do'nt they open the Salplates

But as I told there are other good places.
Get one of the guides and you will catch fish.....

Best regards,

Marco Rudolph

salt dog
02-01-2005, 11:09 AM
Nice report Marco, and great pics. BTW, where is Bonaire?

02-01-2005, 11:33 AM
Nice report Marco, and great pics. BTW, where is Bonaire?

Thanks salt dog, Bonaire is a small island in the Carribean. It;s one of the three ABC islands (Aruba, Bonaire an Curacao).The island is about 40 x12 km. The maincity is Kralendijk, it is a well known place for scaba diving. Language: Papiamento, Dutch, and English.

Best regards,

Marco Rudolph

02-01-2005, 11:43 AM
Great shots Marco! Thanks, I hope I can fish there someday.