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: Mouse for pike

01-27-2005, 11:01 AM
From another thread...

One of my favorite dries for Pike (and trout for that matter).

#6 Bomber hook
squirrel fur for tail

Make 'em as big and busshy as you can cast. Plop one down just out from a weed bed and hang on !!

For mice, I like to plop i down (no finesse here). Give it a twitch. The hammer handles will often hit right away.

Then !!! slowly we see the reeds parting fabout 20 ft away (the water is about 2 feet deep there). A lunker had heard the fly land.

As the pike starts coming out of it's lair, I'll twitch the fly again. Once the fish is still about 10 ft from my fly, kopping strip retrieves about 8 inches at a time. The bow wave lifts and the pike goes for the kill. Don't stop !!

We've taken over 25 lbs with this tactic ... I prefer to short strike and hook in the lip as I don't use steel or wire leaders.

It's heart stopping fun.