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01-21-2005, 03:44 PM
Twenty years I’ve suffered the ignominy of ridicule, scorn, and have been the inevitable subject of humour in fishing hut frivolity. Sure, you know what I mean. The whisky bottle not only makes the trout grow in size; especially the ones that got away, but enlarges indiscretions and peculiarities. All this because I have continued to love my boron fly rods. Surprise, surprise, Powell and Winston with their new second generation Boron rods. The Winston XTR, comments like “for extreme conditions, long quick casts, throw into the wind” etc. Just my sort of fishing. Now, how would my rather tired Fenwick Boron X XFL 8’ 5” 7 wt on which I fish a longish 5 wt in still water with little or no false casting stack up against a Powell Tiboron or a Winston XTR? Love to hear your comments?

01-21-2005, 05:43 PM
I remember those rods. They were the latest hi-tech thing at the time. That must have been the late 70's, early 80's. They were saying things like, you have to try to throw an open loop, because the rods were so fast. They probably had a higher ratio of boron to graphite /resin and whatever other secret ingrediants than the modern versions. I heard they were heavy and that waa one of the reasons they never caught on. The other reason being cost.

Only one way to find out how they stack up to the newer rods. Cast them. Better yet, fish them. At any rate, you can say you were light years ahead of any of the johnny come latelie's with their "new" boron rods. :razz:

01-21-2005, 09:16 PM
the powell tiburon is one of the best rods I have ever cast. i always figured that the titanium and boron combo was a gimmick, because now they have added "mega fiber" of metamucil or something like that.
the xtr is indestuctable. not so fun to cast. but you can lift a seven pound fish right into the boat. terrific for heavy sinking lines.
i never cast the fenwick, but if its worked for you for 30 yrs, it must be pretty good. or at least good enough.

01-22-2005, 03:46 AM
Not to be outdone I joined the que to buy a Sage RPL 5wt some years ago, and while it is nice, it is the madona that stays at home most days. Lovely to fish with but not a patch on the Boron X. And yet I hear it said almost daily that the RPL was the best of the Sage rods, and nothing much has moved forward since then. Certainly, I've tried the Sage XP and thought it was less of a rod than the RPL. Yet the official line here now is the XP is for small streams and the TCR is the real grunt stick for the big windy rivers with the price tag to match. And my little Fenwick is feather light to me anyway. Granted, some terrible rods were made of boron in the early days; rods that would have done justice as yacht masts. I'd love to find out details of what else was in the Fenwick Boron X range.