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: Help-Steelhead on Vancouver Island

01-19-2005, 12:41 PM
Can anyone give me, or point me to, info. on fishing for Steelhead in Vancouver Island? I have relatives who recently bought a place in Nanaimo and I have a standing invitation to go up there. I'm a fly and Spey fisher and I know nothing about Vancouver.
I think I might go to visit the end of April which is probably not a good time for Steelhead or Salmon, but I'm wondering what rivers on the Island might be good, at what times of year and how far they are from Nanaimo.
ANYTHING you might be able to tell me would be GREATLY appreciated!! Thanks! :)

01-20-2005, 08:52 AM
You should check out the fishbc web site, there is lots of information. I know from friends on Vancouver Island people and from information on the site that steelhead fishing on Vancouver Island gets worse each year. The east coast rivers are the worst off and mot are closed to steelhead fishing while there are runs on some west coast rivers. Once great rivers like the Gold have almost completely lost their run. I think the Stamp system is the most productive - sustained by hatcheries. I think the mainland or Washington State is the place to go for steelehead now. That said, there is trout fishing on Van Island. The rivers are not big so Spey style fishing is not as common as on the mainland. The river close to Nanaimo that is healthy (for trout and there are a few steelhead) though crowded is the Cowichan.