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: New to float tubing...

01-19-2005, 10:18 AM
I just bought a bunch of gear so I could start float tubing this season. I was looking for a low cost way to get myself out on the water, and it looks like it'll end up costing me about $300 for everything I needed (float tube, waders, wading boots, fins). I won the first three items off eBay in the last few days and got them for a steal. Any quick tips or techniques that people can share with me? So far from searching on the web it seems pretty simple and nobody really has anything in particular to share. There's a couple of things that are worrying me though.
First of all, how difficult is it to move the boat around when it's windy? Is there a wind speed that's too high to take it out?
Where can I get a patch kit?
Should I carry an anchor? What about a drift sock?
What laws/rules govern a float tube? For instance, if a body of water doesn't allow boating, can I take a float tube on it?

01-19-2005, 06:32 PM
I have been float tubing for almost 7 years. The hardest obstacle to over-come is falling asleep. If you are used to fly-fishing or spin fishing from a row boat or canoe, you will never go back.

Fan cast. Find the area you would like to fish and fish it hard in a 180 degree area, and then fish that area one more time (deeper, shallower, etc.). Then wake-up from you nap in that water-born Lay-Z-Boy and move to another area.

Wind is easier to deal with than boats. Point your toes and and practice moving your legs to stay stationary. If you are kicking a lot, you are kicking to much.

Don't drink in a float tube because peeing is not fun...unless you have breatable waders...just kidding, the waders don't breath that well...

Always walk backwards to and from your tube. Flippers are not land-friendly. You'll see (hopefully on a warm day).

Pump your tube until hard (do not over pump). The water is cold and the air will contract. Use a double action pump.

If you are fly-fishing, have two spools. I fish a floating and intermediate line (Cortland 444 Clear Camo). Bring split shots to get the line to sink deeper.

Get a net with a long handle if you will be catching large fish.

01-21-2005, 10:21 AM
Not sure about regulations, but common sense says, "wear a PFD".

Floating is a blast. Like Teflon_jones mentionned, you can (and eventually will at some time) fall asleep.

Lazy summer evenings on a Kamloops lake, chironomids and long leaders. Life is rarely better than that.