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01-16-2005, 09:06 PM
Cayman air is running the $349 r/t non-stop from Bos still... boy would that be a nice inexpensive getaway.

We considered it for the ridiculous clave but someone said the bones were kinda small so we all said "small bones? :eek: NO WAY" :chuckle: :hihi:

What cracks me up is that we'll scratch for a penny off the car rental, sleep on the floor and pay twice as much to go to a desert island packin' ramen in our socks but we won't take one of the hottest deals on the planet for a winter getaway if it means small bones :hihi: :chuckle:

Priorities. :cool:

01-17-2005, 12:28 AM

Just saw this posting and have to stand up for the fishing on my little island. On the contrary, Grand Cayman offers good shots at very nice bonefish. I have regularly caught fish here 25-27 inches and have had clients get them up to 28 inches. That's as long as your arm. Grand Cayman's fishery gives access to fish averaging 3 pounds on the 'schoolie' flats, and 6-7 pounds on other flats... mostly tailing fish. The difference is Grand Cayman is more like the Keys than most other fisheries. Here rich turtle grass flats grow big bones and there's lots of deep water for them to live in.

However, I don't mean to mislead. In reference to your Boneclave the Cayman Islands are not a great choice. There are simply not enough flats to support a large gathering of fly fishers. Also, the fish can be tricky in the more well known areas. I've read a couple of your Boneclave threads and (as a traveling bonefish junkie myself) think you're on the right track with a Bahamas out island. I've fished in Eleuthera (stay away if you want to catch fish) and Exuma, which was great. I'm also planning a trip to maybe Long Island this summer. Couple days with a guide and DIY rest of the time.

Tight lines and good luck with your search,

01-17-2005, 07:10 AM
Bonehead, forgive me for being so short-sighted... I only meant to poke fun at the silliness of our decision making process! It really had nothing to do with the Caymans directly, my apologies. Just to prove all was meant toward ourselves and not your lovely island I am going to take the special fare one day and come play for myself. I owe you a drink when I do! :)

01-17-2005, 06:10 PM
Thanks for the great info on the Caymans. I, for one ,would love to visit regardless of the 'so called' small bones. Great choice going to Long Island vs. Andros for a DIY but if you are ever interested, I'll be happy to show you around. Andros has some of the best flats terrain on the planet but the best areas are the Jolters Cays, Middle Bights and the southern tip. I would, however, love to be dropped off at Bigwood Cay at some point in my life. Camp out for a week and fend off the potcakes (wild dogs) for a shot at their MONSTER ocean bones. I have heard from a few people on Mangrove Cay that see people coming to do this on their own quite often. Lets hook up some time in the future before my bones get too weak!