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: Breachway dredging

01-16-2005, 10:11 AM
Better late than never, I read in last weeks Journal that the biggest salt pond restoration project in NE is getting started. After 10 years of studies the first of 4 projects is happening now, the last 3 will take 3 more years.
Charleston Breachway is being dredged to remove sand that has built up over 50 years, choking navigation and killing off the eel grass. The whole breachway and 40 acres of sand delta that has built at the back end are being pumped onto the beachfront where the long shore currents will use the sand to build the beach which has dwindled to next to nothing. Eelgrass plantings will follow. The Herring run at Cross Mills, on the backside of the pond will be upgraded with a fish ladder, the existing culvert is so long and dark that the Buckies refuse to swim thru it. The dredging has been going on a few weeks now.
The second project will do the same thing at Quonny and the third will be at Winnapauge Pond ( Weekapaug Breachway). THe Corps and the DEM and several enviromental groups are all involved.
What does this mean to us as fishermen? Well some of the flats in the ponds will be gone, replaced by 6 ft. of water. The deep sand collecting basins at the end of the breachways should be a monster magnate. Simply put these ponds are gonna be a lot better.

01-16-2005, 10:48 AM
Thanks for the update Steve, should be interesting this year - I think I'll pack the kayak next time I come to the breachways and explore around.