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: Fly Cast Glossary Project

01-15-2005, 11:56 AM
The Flyfishing Forum is currently building a Fly Cast Glossary for 2005. You may either start a new thread to begin describing a cast, or reply to someone else's thread on the cast. Please lets do our best to keep them sorted out for future reference.

There will be an 'official' glossary made on the main pages with room for videos, images, and of course the best descriptions from members with credits and additions from interviewed pros and instructors from around the world.

For now feel free to begin discussions on casting to get things rolling; in fact we already have some good content to capture in the glossary started.

Primary Overhand Casts
- overhand cast
- backhand cast
- cross-body or reverse cast
- belgian cast
- steeple cast
Variations for Line Control
- curve or reach cast
- pile cast
- parachute cast
- wiggle or "S" cast
- aerial mend cast
Overhand Techniques
- single and double haul
- casting into wind
- casting with wind
- accuracy casting
- distance techniques
Two-handed Overhand Casts
- two-handed overhand cast
- two-handed reverse
- two-handed belgian cast
Two-handed Techniques
- "beach" cast
- snake start

Spey Casts
- strong/opposite/reversed single spey
- s/o/r double spey
- s/o/r snake roll
- s/o/r snap-t
- s/o/r circle
- s/o/r spiral single
- s/o/r perry poke
- s/o/r double perry poke
- s/o/r snake poke
Techniques and Styles
- Traditional Style
- Underhand Technique
- Skagit Technique
- Long Line Technique
- Greased Line Technique
- Single-handed versions of above with haul (turbo spey)
- Deep Sunk Line Technique

Roll Casts
- Static Roll
- Dynamic Roll / Jump Roll
- Reversed Roll / Jump Roll

01-15-2005, 12:01 PM
Rather than using complicated databases, let's try a new approach here. I have created "sub forums" under art of casting.

These will not be open forums, in other words we won't be able to post into them directly. Instead it will serve as a reference library, read-only except for Editors and librarians to manage.

It will be searchable, and be kept updated.