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09-17-2001, 01:19 PM
I got back from Salt Lake a while ago, but I thought that people might be interested in some of the new stuff that was there.
I think that the belle of the ball was the new Sage SLT. It will replace the very popular SP series, and the SPLs, which never really caught on.
The SP could best be described as a mid flexing power house. It combines a high modulus graphite with a relatively full flex to create a rod that had surprising recovery.It is no wonder that people love it, but time and tastes evolve. Starting with the RPLXi and then with the XP, Sage has softened up the tips considerably, and the SLT fits in with this trend. You don't see people "going up a line" as much as you used to.
The new rods are very light with very thin hardware. Their action can best be described as light with a soft tip that flexes well into the middle of the blank. I think that the differences between the SLT and the SP and SPL are significant. The SLT has a lighter tip than the SP, and it is much stiffer in the butt than the SPL. This rod feels like a Sage and has terrific sensitivity.
Despite the softer tip, the rod still has exceptional tracking. Roll casts and mends are telepathic. It feels like a lighter, sweeter XP. Though it doesn't generate the line speed of the XP, many trout fishermen will find the action more to their liking. The rhythm is slower and the presentation quieter. The SLT is made of the same materials as the XP and will cost the same.
The SLT has some big shoes to fill, but this new line of rods really advances the direction that Sage is going. I said last year that the XP was a fast rod for people that don't like fast rods. I now say that the SLT is a mid-flexing rod for anglers that don't think they like slower rods.
I will post more stuff later, Eddie

09-17-2001, 04:40 PM
Thanks Eddie... that was good info.. I am looking forward in trying both the Xp and this new one.. I have a 9 wt SP that I bought the very first year they offered the SP. They then stopped making the 9 wt. the very next year. I now use a Sage RPLXi 8 wt. as part of my rod collection.