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: Meal planning

01-07-2005, 09:53 AM
Any special dietary considerations out there?

We can expect:

- vegetables obtained in Nassau or else grown (j/k)
- meats purchased once past customs (Nassau)
- bread is surprisingly rare in the Out Islands, we should bring bisquick etc
- dry rices and noodles are a good choice
- outdoor store rations make sense
- fresh fish obtainable on island at lovely bay
- two meals to break things up sound OK? Tues/Fri
- canned meats are a good idea, canned ham baked etc.
- dairy is probably poor

Early on dinners fresh stuff from Nassau
mid-term - pastas and biscuits
later in the week - fresh fish and sides
with two lodge dinners mixed in

Sat, Sun, Mon, Tues*, Wed, Thurs, Fri*

Standard meat / starch / veg dinner on Sat fresh from Nassau
Salad early in week until gone
Caprese later in week (tomatoes and mozzarella)

4 more to cook from a list of options:

Pasta w/ salad and rolls (baked) / difficulty=1
Saute'd local fish with pilaf / difficulty=3
Canned stew and baked rolls (add water mixes) / d=1
Canned ham dinner (baked) / d=1
Split broiled lobster tails and tequila / d=8
Cajun wahoo fillet / d=4
Baked stuffed grouper fillet stuffed with lobster / d=10
Red snapper provencale' with grillled garlic potatoes / d=3
local wild boar slow cooked on a spit with apple in mouth / d=10 (no apples ;) )

WHATEVER I am sure we can come up with four meals, provided everyone likes the two meals at lodges idea.