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: The Weakest Link

08-02-2001, 06:22 AM
How many read the little books that come with a flyline? I just was reading the little book that comes with a Monic Flyline, here is an interesting fact, breaking strength of a 9 weight flyline is 16 lbs, "using a Dillon Unirversal Tester." This means if offshore fishing for tuna, sharks, and whatever, if using 16 lb a tippet, your tippet is no longer the weakest link. Unless I missed it, is the only flyline that gives the breaking strength of a flyline. Scientific Anglers, Orvis, Cortland, Lee Wuff, do not. I would want a tippet to be at least 20% weaker than the line, and the backing to be 20% stronger. What are your thoughts? Shouldn't flylines be labeled as to their breaking strength, or am I being to picky?

08-02-2001, 06:55 AM
I thought that flylines were generally 20 or 30 pound test... I think my sinking lines are 30... I know my backing is 30... my tippets will vary as usual from 16 to 20.... in mid season. I agree the tippet should be the weakest kink.. when I have caught the bottom on an old lobster trap or log.. if I have to break off ,itis the tippet that breaks... sure would not like to see my line break on a pull off.

08-02-2001, 11:35 AM
Art -

That is surprising! I wonder if it's because the core is not braided nylon on the clear lines?

I would guess that the braided core for many opaque lines is in the 30# class. Good question for Cortland, SciAngler, Rio, etc.