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: Carp Flys (Head stand)

12-24-2004, 12:50 PM
Egans Head Stand

I got this basic idea from Lance Egan, the Headstand is now a commercial fly tied somewhere in Asia. I have modified the fly with a foam tail so that it sinks head down and when it hits the bottom it stands striate up.

Hook :Mustad 80200R or equiv. Size 6.
Body : Variegated tinsel chenille.
Tail: Black rabbit hair, and black 2mm foam.
Body Hackle : Whiting roster saddle size 14 or16.
Legs: Flex floss color of your choice. (Flex floss is much better than the rubber legs made out of the soft plastic. You can really stretch it and it wont break)
Head: Chartreuse chenille
Eyes: Small or med bead chain.
Thread: UNI 8/0

Wrap a base layer of thread, then tie in the black rabbit hair tail.
Cut a strip of black foam that is about 1.5 times the length of the hook and about 6 mm wide and tie it down tight with about 6 mm hanging off the back end of the hook. Wrap the foam on the hook down tight along its length on the hook then trim the hanging end to about a 60 degree point.
Tie in a size 14 saddle hackle, tie in a piece of variegated tinsel chenille, and wrap forward to the collar area of the fly tie down the chenille then wrap the hackle forward and tie it down.
Tie in the legs.
Tie in the bead chain eyes and finally wrap the chenille head and finish with several whip finishes.

Do Not Use Head Cement. Before you use this fly smear it with blackest anaerobic mud you can find then rinse it off and donít touch it again. Reach down in the cat tails into the mud below the bottom and pull up a handful, its black and it stinks and it will mask any smell remotely human.