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: Carp Flys (Sparrow Vaurient)

12-24-2004, 11:47 AM
Sparrow Variant:

Hook: TMC 5263 or equiv. #4 ,# 6, or # 8
Body: Leach yarn wrap it down tight and pick it out so its really buggy.
Hackle: Ring Keck Pheasant flank
Tail: Ring Neck Pheasant flank, or rump feathers in natural, brown or olive and flashabou.
Legs: Flex floss, fluorescent orange red, or chartreuse.
Eyes: Painted lead barbells, chrome plated brass barbells, or bead chain depending on how fast you want it to sink.
Head: Cheneill colour of your choice.
Thread : UNI 8/0

Use three whip finishes and no head cement.

Im sure this passes for a variety of things, crayfish and other large aquatic invertebrates. It should have allot of movement.

This fly started out as another Gartside Sparrow type thing, and slowly evolved into its present form.