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: Ridiculous - Crooked Island (again)

12-21-2004, 12:31 AM
A few refinements since this was posted a while back in the BIG thread... Details for Crooked Island w/ Acklins Day trips:

I've negotiated a weekly rental at Casuarina Pines, Crooked Island of $600 per week Sat-Sat for cottages with two double beds each.

Cauarina Pines Cottages (http://www.crookedisland.biz/pagrpv.html)

Our host Hylena will arrange rental cars for $60 per day, possible week. This should mean $15 per day each up to four; two cars if 8 people, etc. Still $15 / day.

Therefore prices are as researched (avail today):

OPTION #1 - the Bonefisher Package...

--- flight pkg ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
AA Bost to Nassau Fri Mar 18th 550.00 USD r/t lv 1:58p arr 9pm
Bahamasair NAS->CRI (Crooked Island) 210.00 r/t lv 9am arr 11am
(fishing by noon)
Bahamasair CRI->NAS lv 11:25a arr 12:40p
AA NAS->BOS lv 2:30p arr 11pm
-----------------------> Flight cost = $760 r/t door to door

--- lodging, food and car ------------------------------------------------------------
First night lodging in Nassau $50ea
Lodging for week $300ea / two people per unit w/ full kitchen, etc.
or pay less with added cot 3/per room
Rental car for week $105 ($15/day ea - 2 cars 4 people per car)
Food $100ea (600-800 shared for week)
$555 food, lodging and rental car complete
-------------------------> $555 food, lodging 2 per cottage, 2 cars

$1315 - total package for 8 nights (including Nassau)
(no hidden costs that I know of, this is everything)


Fishing with guides at one of the lodges (Greys Point, Acklins Lodge, etc.)
License for taking of lobster (they are 100ft away from the door) $20

*Each cottage sleeps two adults, plenty of room to add a third but at these rates why bother.

*There is a $4 ferry to get from Crooked to Acklins and these two provide 1000 square miles of largely unfished flats, perhaps the most ridiculously untapped bonefish mecca on earth. I plan on trying both islands.

-- background information ----------------------------------------------------------------
Lots of non-sponsor stuff but google 'crooked island bonefish'. What I see is a cut above and a still relatively virgin opportunity getting quickly discovered with lodges popping up quickly (there are several now).

Jim and Kelly Watt's video (on the way)

Steve Vletas Book:

12-21-2004, 11:12 AM
I like the March dates and the Crooked Island venue.


12-22-2004, 08:57 PM
Most eyes seem to be turning in the direction of Acklins/Crooked Island and it's not hard to see why! It shouldn't matter how big or small the group is to make this work. I have some new info on Long Island but I don't think it will sway everyone's decision. We need ten for the Turnbull House to make that work and it does not look
to be happening. I have alerted Bob to this fact and have asked him not to hold the date any longer. And Bob, if you're reading this, thank you very much for your kind attention and all the information. I hope our paths will meet someday! Needless to say, I learned a lot about a new place that does indeed have more to offer than I was ever aware of. I also learned a lot about the Berry Islands and found it to be another great DIY option. Johnny Glenn, a guide from Westerly, RI once told me he had been there many times and found lots of bones on his own and some of the most georguos flats he'd ever seen. And the bones were HUGE! The last time he went, a monster cold front blew through and ruined the fishing for four days.

Juro, the ball is in your court. Good luck my friend! Go get that double digit ghost!


12-23-2004, 12:19 AM
Phil -

Just to leverage all your hard work, let's try to assemble a package for LI together like I did for Crooked Island / Acklins and see where we end up before we call it a plan.

I am and always am interested in LI however I wanted to comparison shop (sign of the season) by comparing apples to apples via a list/breakdown.

I will have some time over the holidays to dig into it. We should book things as soon as possible after this final evaluation phase.

I know I speak for everyone involved when I say "THANK YOU!"

12-28-2004, 07:11 AM
Bob Houghton is at home in Oregon. He owns the Turnbull House. Just in the event the PM I sent you didn't work, you can call him at 1-541-344-9024. I was not able to reach him while he was on L.I.
He will give you an unbiased report 1st hand on the scene there regardless of where we stay on L.I.. I will call if you want but it will be second hand. If you call, ask about the area south of the Diamond Crystal salt ponds all the way to the tip. That is the area between Cabbage Point and Gordons. I've been told it's very good there.


12-30-2004, 02:13 PM
Juro, how many openings are left for the Crooked island trip? It's very tempting!! I'll be on Acklins from February 12-19--my first time there-staying at Grey's point Lodge. Then to Eleuthera from April 24--May 14 for some DIY fishing-been going there for 4 years.

We met at the Catt Spey Clave, on the creek and again at the hotel to view Brian's slides and your pics of the casting. Great job!


12-31-2004, 08:38 AM
Vince -

Plenty of room!

I need to revise the headcount, and finalize the options ASAP. We have 75 days but it will go quickly.

BTW - while in Acklins, please scout out the DIY opportunities. I have received great input from others who have been there. Here's what they say:

Crooked is the better of the two for restaurants, accomodations but Acklins is the better for DIY. (if you are staying at a lodge this would not be a factor due to accomodations and meal plan)
Acklins has great road access from end to end and bones are teeming in the accessible waters just off the road from Lovely Bay down to toward the south end
One testimonial states "it was a spiritual experience fishing the wild flats without another soul in sight"
tarpon are plentiful on Crooked's inlets but rare on Acklins while wading
permit are also around
ferries between the two coincide with flight arrivals so we could do a half/half trip, but would lose the weekly rate discounts

It would be great to have you on the trip. We would just need to be aware that DIY would be different than being on a flats boat all week, but for those of us who enjoy that this is the way to go.