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: Speypages and Speyclave moving servers today!

12-20-2004, 11:31 AM
Hello Membership,

Sometime this evening the speyclave and speypages will be moving servers and will no longer be hosted along side Flytalk.

Juro, Dana and I have been discussing a better separation between the boards for some time and today is the day. We were going to do this next week when Dana was in town but due to unforseen circumstances we are having to do this today.

So what does this mean to the members:

Nothing really. When you click on New Posts you will now only see spey clave posts and posts from the striper boards will no longer be mixed in.

You will still be able to access the board from these links:



Like I said earlier we are just doing this to separate the boards from each other.

Sponsors will still be here and will be honored on both sites even though they are separated out. They are still the ones keeping the lights on around here.

We will still maintain a link to the flytalk so the members can easily get between sites.

You logins will still work on the new site.

Other changes:

Dana and I have agreed to have me come back as the webmaster and admin for the speypages.com. I will not be coming back to the flyfishing forum. I look forward to 2005 and we have a ton of cool stuff coming up to further enhance what is already the best spey site on the web.

Tyler(kush), Duggan (sinktip) and Sandi have agreed to stay on as moderators for which we are extremely grateful.

I know there had been talk of the speypages not being around in 2005 but that is far from happening. Dana and I are coming into this change with a renewed energy and I think you all will be very pleased with with our plans for the site. I know I am.

How the move will happen:

This evening I will turn off posting on the spey clave. This is so we will not lose any new posts between the time it will take for me to move the posts over to the new board. This should take about an hour and you will see a welcome post from me on the other site.

That is it, speypages.com is already pointing to the new server and all we have left is to move the forum. If you see an bugginess please report it to me right away.

Dana and I appreciate your patience as we make this move and we look forward to a great 2005.


12-20-2004, 02:46 PM
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