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12-16-2004, 05:37 PM
My friend from Finland has asked me to post this letter.
If you have any further questions,please contact Toni.
Guideline Open Flytying contest 2005

We are proud to present Guideline Open Flytying contest to all flytyers around the world.

We will have 3 ( three) main categories.

1. Classic Salmon Fly – The theme is “ Something old - Something new”
2. Tubefly – The theme is “ Highwater”
3. Tubefly ( juniors ) under 16 . The theme is “ Highwater”

There will be three winners in three categories!!!

The best 10 flies from each categories will be shown at the Save Our Salmon 2005 event 6th of Febuary in Espoo , Finland.
The best three ( 3 ) flies will be published in 2005 Flyfishing Fair at Tampere in April.


Guideline Sweden Ab. has offered to sponsor all the main prizes of this contest!
All the three categories has equal prizes.
The prizes include Guideline salmon rods, reels and some great flytying DVD´s


1. The person taking part in this contest can enter with only one (1 ) fly per category.
You don´t have to take part in all 3. You can enter with only one (1) fly for the comepetition.
2. Category 1 – The Classic Salmon fly has to be tied on 2/0 single hook. The hook brand is your choice. Please add a note explaining is the fly a new or old pattern,
3. Categories 2 and 3 - The Tubeflies.Use tube of your choice ( plastic, copper, aluminium...)
The theme Highwater indicates the tubeflies used in highwater conditions.

4. Include your name and mailing address, email address if any, pattern name and the
recepie of your pattern.

5. Flies and info will become property of Toni Karuvaara Flyfishing and Espoo
Perhokalastajat Flyfishing Club.

6. Mail entries to Toni Karuvaara Flyfishing, Matinkallio 8b 42, 02230 Espoo Finland.
Flies must reach us by 29th of January, 2005 to be eligible. ( Note: Mail from
US/Canada takes round 10 days to get Finland )


There will be 4 judges. Mikael Frödin, Håkan Norling, Toni Kakkuri and Santeri Kinnunen.
They all encourage you to tie fishing flies your own personal way!
Let the best man/ women win!


Tyers who enter the categories 1 and 2 will have fee of 15€ / 20 USD.
Tyers who enter the category 3 have fee of 10€ / 13USD.

The money we get from this competition will go to our Save Our Salmon 2005 project here in Finland. The conference is held in Espoo 6th of January 2005. We have Orri Figfusson from NASF ( North Atlantic Salmon Fund )to talk about what goals they have reached in Greenland, Iceland and Norway and how we could start to take actions here in Scandinavia. Its a long fight to secure the mouths of rivers and feeding ares for salmon, but it is worth it.
The fight to save our Salmon is not over!

Best Regards,

Toni Karuvaara

For more information please feel free to contact me at,
+358 (0) 40 575 59 77

Do your best guys.Lets see a winner from this side of the water.