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: They just don't get it or Steelhead need more help

12-16-2004, 02:42 PM
This was sent me asking for help

To: Washington and Oregon Anglers
From: Norm Ritchie, NW Steelheaders
Todd Riley, Wild Steelhead Coalition
Liz Hamilton, Northwest Sportfishing Industry Association

Subject: Proposal To Triple Allowable Steelhead Kill In Gill-Net Fishery

First, A quick quiz:

Question: How do fishery managers make Gill-Nets more Effective?

Answer: Lower the standards.

ODFW and WDFW staffers have written a request to NOAA Fisheries asking for an increase in the allowable kill of threatened and endangered wild winter steelhead by the Columbia River Gill-Net fleet. The latest is new request by ODFW and WDFW to triple the allowed steelhead kill from 2% of the run to 6%!

This request was originally made in 2004, but NOAA Fisheries asked for more information and did not act on that original request. Perhaps most incredible is the increased steelhead kill was not allowed or needed in the 2004 gill-net fishery. Yet the fishery managers persist in their efforts to increased steelhead kill in the gill-net fishery.

Please write the Governorís office and Fish & Wildlife Commissions and express your opposition to increase the kill on wild winter steelhead in the Columbia River.

Write: Governorís Office

Jim Myron, Natural Resource Policy Advisor Bob Nichols,
Oregon Governorís Office Washington Governorís Office
900 Court Street 302 14th Ave. SW
Salem, OR 97301 Olympia, WA 98054
f/ 503-378-3225 f/360 586 8380,

Write the Fish & Wildlife Commissions, ask for copies sent to all commissioners

Marla Rae, Chair Will Roehl, Chair
Oregon Fish & Wildlife Commission Washington Fish and Wildlife Commission
3406 Cherry Avenue, NE 600 Capitol Blvd.
Salem, OR 97303 Olympia WA 98501-1091
f/503 947 6041 f/c/o Susan Yeager 360 902 2267

12-16-2004, 04:10 PM
The Southwest Washington WDFW Biologist has said that this will cause the Wild Toutle winter steelhead to become wiped out. But who cares about them, I guess is what this is telling us.

figure out a way to give them more fish (heck give them a huge portion of the spring chinook) without crushing the wild fish and I would be all for it. Hand them out at the hatcheries to the fisherman just don't kill wild runs.


12-17-2004, 02:12 PM
And notice who it is that is asking again this year for the increased steelhead kill of the threatened fish. It isn't NOAA-F, it is the fish and wildlife departments of both Oregon and Washington. Funny, I haven't seen any newspaper articles talking about how the Democratic and liberal admionistrations of WA and OR are screwing the fish. Hmmmmmmmmm....... Selective reporting by the newsmedia perhaps?

12-17-2004, 02:27 PM

To keep this on track I think of it more on the standard no one has made enough noise. Perhaps all that write letters should copy these local new agency?

12-17-2004, 04:47 PM
NOAA-F could veto this and it would be a done deal. But we will see what they will do.

I am an equal opportunity critic. If the WDFW and ODFW approve this then they aren't helping the fish at all and are being pushed by other interestes.


12-17-2004, 05:57 PM
NOAA-F didn't allow it last year, although they did tell ODWF and WDFW for more information, which neither provided to NOAA-F. And this year, like last year, ODWF and WDFW made a joint request to increase the take of threatened steelhead. In fact, last year the request was for an increase to 5%, not the 6% being requested this year.

It appears to me that ODWF and WDFW are trying to give the commercials more fish, despite the negative impact increased "incidental" harvest will have on some late winter wild steelhead stocks.

12-18-2004, 12:45 PM
I didn't realize that fish and wild life answered to any form of goverment in WA or OR.

I'm not even sure that Gary Locke knows that we have a fish and wildlife dept.

Will not speak for Oregon but I think that we all know that Wa. dept was designed for commercial intrests of long ago. Even the students coming out of UW fisheries more than likely are reading 1930's text books, Commercial netting 101.

Let's let them kill some more wild fish then we can continue to bitch in 3 years when unfavorable ocean conditions come back and we have 1990's amount of wild fish returning. Heck what is it a 5% increase in adult fish they want to kill? 100,000,000 future wild smolts clogging up turbines? Maybe just the end of the Tutle winter run, none of us fish that run so who cares.

And don't fore get that these poor commercial fishermen, how many 200 boats need this extra salmon money to buy new pickup trucks.

I wonder why these commercials can't fish out side the bar where there is less likely a chance of wild steelhead being caught. These are the wimp commercials whos boats are in such bad conditions they don't have the balls to cross the bar and besides they being part timers they might get sea sick on open water.

Anyone know why they can't net salmon offshore?

12-18-2004, 12:48 PM
The Washington DFW, and Oregon as well I believe, has a legislative mandate to provide commercial opportunity. Until that is changed by the legislature, you're not likely to see a change in attitude in the departments. They will, as required by law, concern themselves with commercial fisheries interests.

The commercials have a strong lobbying group that funds legislators campaigns, and you'll have to change that (i.e. create a well-funded sport fishing lobby) or bring strong public pressure to bear to have much effect on some of the sport/commercial issues.

12-19-2004, 05:36 AM
The commercials have a strong lobbying group that funds legislators campaigns, and you'll have to change that (i.e. create a well-funded sport fishing lobby) or bring strong public pressure to bear to have much effect on some of the sport/commercial issues.

Soo how would a rather large group of individuals (IE: ALL OF US) assesmble, organize and FUND a lobby. How does that work? I've formed the opinion that we NW Fisher People need to unite accross the spectrum (gear, fly, what the hell ever) and make ourselves some sort of organzition that has some financial fire power. Face it guys......the only way the anyone is changing SH*T with this on going battle is MONEY. If we could figure out how to make us all some sort of Corporation......that has some financial fire power......we could get stuff done. We gotta BUY our way guys.

Look for example at the Western Rivers Conservancy. They are securing habitat by BUYING it. I recently stumbled onto their site to look around and see what they were about and I like their attitude.....Simply Buy it. I think we NW sportsmen need to start Buying our voice. How do we do it though? Could we start some sort of group, an alliance I suppose. Make contact with ANY AND ALL Business that is recreational fishing oriented, and just form some sort of business group/lobby kinda gig? Its gotta be BIG before our wonderful government officials (state and fed) will bother to listen to us. We all write gillions of letters and emails and if it hasnt become apparent that it doesnt matter to these damn people......we're all friggin blind! However, a couple Chambers of Commerce squashed our moratorium in washington (Hmmm...chamber of commerce = $$$$$$$$$$$$$$) So lets make a NW Department of Recreational Fisherman and start fighting the fight with some quantifiable Fire Power....IE MONEY. I just dont know where to start.