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: Winter fishing advice

12-12-2004, 04:22 PM
Het guys

Well i am pretty new to FF. I got all the places to fish and the equiptment , now im ready.

I have a great river localy, actually a couple, but this one, The Peconic river, is free and can fish trout year round, stocked!

Any advice on winter tactics,

I got alot of streamers and buggers tied, was gonna start ther?

Also, anyother, Long island FF here?

any replies welcome

12-13-2004, 08:24 AM
I don't know about the Peconic but up here it's slow, small, deep. That's been my experience here - yours may vary. Maybe FishyboyICU812 will chime in - he's fished the Connequot (sp?) and those streams quite a bit...

12-13-2004, 03:24 PM
if i remember correctly from a show i watched on a river on long island he was using a lot of midges

wish i knew how to fly fish when i lived on long island

12-13-2004, 05:32 PM
The Peconic does hold trout, although in my estimation it is a much better warm water fishery than one for trout. I would not hesitate to look at the many other ponds/lakes on the Island that are stocked with trout as perhaps a better option for this time of year. The problems associated with most if not all of the "Open" Long Island trout streams are that trout densities in general are low and productive stretches of water are few and far between.

When Februaury comes around I would recommend the Connetquot especially for someone who is just starting out. The stream is absolutely loaded with fish and as long as you are able to pick a good beat you are almost guaranted a good day of fishing. More times than not I employed small flashy bead heads(18-22), egg patterns(6-14), and bright streamers(4-12). Fly selection on the Connetquot is normally not crucial. The nature of fishing a "beat" system means that you have a limited amount of water to fish and I found that changing flies is often critical to your success.

The Carmans and the Nissequogue are two other streams that should warrant your attention when they once again open in the spring. The Niss is very similar to the Connetquot however there is not as much casting room on average as on the Connetquot so you should keep that in mind.

I hope that this helps some. If you would like some suggestions on what are some of the better beats on these streams please feel free.

12-14-2004, 03:16 PM
Thanx for all the replies.

The reason i have picked the Peconic river to fish , is because it is free. The Connetquot, caleb and most others charge to fish.

I fish carmens at south haven park, $2, thats good for me. But its not till later in the year.

So basicley, to fish free, i chose the peconic. There are many access places.

But, i do appreciate your review of the Peconic. I did not know it was a better warm water river.

They also stock trout in the peconic, so ill see how i do.

thanx again for the great replies