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: Nominations for Forum Moderators Please

12-12-2004, 12:30 AM
The Flyfishing Forum is accepting nominations for moderators to start in 2005.

The pay sucks, it's a dirty job, and if there isn't some satisfaction in it for yourself then it's not for you. What a pitch, eh?

Seriously, there is no compensation for being a moderator but those who do usually want to stay on after their term is over so it can't be that bad ;)

Role description:

1- Work with other moderators (often more than one in a topic) to keep your topic fresh with ideas, posts, swaps, events, or whatever works

2- Stop spam, remove hyperlinks according to site policy, and mediate conflicts using the ability to edit, close, and move thread and posts

3- Collaborate with other mods when decisions by commitee are appropriate within the role of the moderator

4- It's a one-year term position from which you can retire or be relieved at any time at your/our discretion

What it's not:

- It's not a position of authority within the site management structure, it does not grant editorial, business or site decision making privileges.

- It's not a real job, just a role in an online fishing club.

- It's just one notch above make believe but fun and can be rewarding if you can benefit from exposure and enjoy people and flyfishing whether in discussions or at claves / events

- It does not qualify you for ownership of the site and should not be taken too seriously (don't laugh, it happens)


a) Recognition in the forum community, often industry-wide
b) Satisfaction and/or status
c) Friendships
d) fun (most of the time)

If the above is not compelling, it's not for you or the nominee.

Additional roles:

Authors (multiple openings)
Editor (position may be filled)
Sponsors and Pro Contributors (promotional opportunity)
Designer (some payment available)
Advertising Coordinator (fly rod award per term)

Except for the graphical designer and Advertising Coordinator there is no concrete compensation but it's fun and the recognition is great. We also occasionally receive pro deals for people who are actively contributing.

** disclaimer **

Please be 100% aware that these are simply volunteer roles with no entitlement or compensation. Do not participate if the expectation is anything more than your own satisfaction or recognition in the community or industry.

For example:
Authors get published and promote their aspirations, but there is no payment
Moderators stand out as key members and qualify as key industry individuals (read: discounts) but there is no actual pay

Advertising coordinators and graphical designers:
Advertising coordinator generates sponsorships, renewals, and is a key role rewarded by one fly rod per year from a sponsor whose value is relative to his/her yield in advertisements
Graphics Designers build banner ads and receive a portion of the advertising fees for their work from the sponsor

If you or another member is interested in getting involved, send a PM to me and we'll discuss. Decisions will be made between now and January 2005.

I'm sure the descriptions were less than complimentary about these roles but I am not trying to sell anything here - if there is a genuine interest, and you can find your own satisfaction from getting involved, then I'd like to hear from you by PM.