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: Fishing in Mauritius

paul ashbridge
12-10-2004, 05:54 PM
Does anyone have information on flyfishing in Mauritius? are there any bonefish?
Any contacts or helpful info please?
thanks, Paul []

12-10-2004, 07:22 PM
My guess... yes, it's like other unknown destinations e.g. Aruba where there are bones about. The NE corner looks best...

However it seems to have little habitat for them with bluewater just off shore instead. I read about trevally there in the surf. Compared to Seychelles nearby (well known for bones) it's probably a dud.

This promixity to Seychelles would lead me to believe that this NE corner has a pretty good bone population and very little pressure. If you're 'stuck' there anyway might as well...

(let us know how you fare)

Mad Dog
09-12-2005, 01:46 AM
Just discovered this forum and stumbled across this post a bit late but may well serve future travel plans for anyone wanting to go fishing in Mauritius.

I just went in Mauritius last July and I had a great time flyfishing from the shores and in the surf along the reef barrier. I fished in southern portion of the island from Le Morne to Cocos Island.

Fishing for geant trevally is apparently better from October to March but following my short experience you can be successful all year. The key is to find the best spots and timing. I first walked for miles along the beaches, morning and evenings desperately looking for hunting activities close to shore without any success during the 1st portion of my trip.

Problem was that the tide and water levels were very low, somewhat limiting access to larger fishes in the lagoons. As soon as the water levels were greater during the day, I've been witnessing boiling water from huge trevallies 20 yards from shore, needless to say that I was boiling as wellI

Once I started to get a grip on current patterns and went underwater to see what kind of activities and bottom would be there and then started the day after to fish with my 9ft #10 with floating line and flies ranging from shrimp to the largest deceivers I could cast. I must admit that I had no success for 4 days in a row...

Then as the tide started to reverse so did my misfortune: one nice barracuda, severall smalll trevallies, etc. : I was in heaven but not satisfied yet. I was sure that the big ones were in the breaks of the reef but these spots are dangerous to reach and fish without experience. The currents are unbelievable strong and the waves can sweep you easily.

For these reasons I contacted Dominique Thevenau who is the nicest guide I have met so far. While his experience is truly geared toward casting huge popper with 400lbs mono, you should see him casting in force 5 wind one of my 2/0 deceivers and then playing the current to take the fly away with only the backing left on the reel!

We took a boat to reach the barrier reef breakers and it has been one of my most memorable flyfishing experience ever. Imagine hooking a trevally, not a huge one, in incredible scenery with waves sweeping you 10 yeards back every minute or so and landing the fish. Great extreme flyfishing. We've been to other spots wich are less demanding, but this day was top.

I was not fortunate enough to land a truly geant trevally, which according to Dominique, take your 300m of backing in a snap. But I'll be back with a vengeance.

So in short: fly fishing in Mauritius is absolutely feasible and you can have a blast if you do your homework: you need to find the spots and try. I highly recommend Dominique who you can hire for customized fishing day: great service and highly professional. He knows the island like his back pocket and will give you the insights you need to be successful.

Regarding equipment: I will bring next time both my #7 for fishing the lagoon (fish are smaller) and my #10 for the reef. Bring plenty of backing and floating lines if you want to try the big ones. Flies: big and with the very best hook you can get. I fished mostly with 2/0.